Trump never understood how much Fauci & Birx & Collins led COVID lockdowns & school closures hurt him electorally; we need him next but he must declare lockdowns were a devastating mistake, own it!

by Paul Alexander

He must declare that he should have fired Fauci & Birx & lockdown lunatics day 1, admit he was misled for lockdowns harmed us, never worked, & call for stopping the failed & harmful COVID injections

We are forgiving people. We have to be. We must have compassion first and recognize we are all ‘fallen’ and imperfect and broken and trying daily to do work on ourselves to ‘clean house’ and make us better versions of ourselves. I am. I am. Regardless of religion, ethnicity, background, black, white, yellow, brown, anyone, Christian, Muslim/Islam, Judaism, any faith, as long as you do not wish to cause me or my family harm, or my friends etc., my nation, then I stand with arms open wide!

First of all, life is getting harder and I just want to say thank you for standing by me and supporting me and reading my thoughts and what I chose to share. I am very grateful and privileged you would give me your precious time. We have to band together if only via sharing information and ideas to help navigate the stormy waters ahead. Many write me and ask how they can help me and all I say is continue reading my stack and website, it’s free, and will remain so and if you wish to support above that, you may subscribe/donate. It helps me greatly. But not a necessity.

So where do I begin this short sharing?

Parents, based on all we know, under no condition, do you allow your healthy child these COVID injections. This be the hill you defend!!!!!!!! No child.

Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel…these people, the real horsemen of the Apocalypse, Collins and Fauci, a duo of destruction to the US with what they did in the COVID response. Bourla and Bancel and their death shots.

This group screwed Trump royally and even today he does not get it! I still support him, will always, but he was wrong and continues to be in this. But he must stand up now against what these beasts did!

We all wanted to believe in the beginning that CDC, NIH, FDA type people would be doing good by us. We were wrong! There are corruptible bad people in the mix and they have been conspiring against the US, against us the people.

I will not say anything ill about POTUS Trump. No. Not in the past nor now or future. I do think as an American, he is a good person, loves his nation. I wish to focus on COVID and the response. I know he was lied to and misled and in this case, should have fired them all day 1. Many inside told me (folk at CDC, NIH, FDA etc. and established legacy bureaucrats) that the goal day by day is to work against each and anything he did. Anything he said.

They worked, led by Fauci et al., to subvert Trump and make it appear that it is not their decisions and lockdowns, but his. An organized day-to-day operation of subversion. Make him look unmanageable and the nation ungovernable under him during COVID. Chaos! But he gave control of it to them. They were quite good at confusing the public. The lockdowns and school closures and all the lunatic policies were Fauci’s and Birx’s. Period. Trump’s problem and they figured it out was he loved the camera, so they let him have the camera. So he was the face of policies that he had less to do with. It hurt him! He never understood.

The Fauci and Birx lockdowns killed people! The vaccines are killing people! He must own it and we can move on and get accountability to. His reluctance to admit the vaccine harms is in a way denying people their ability to get recompense etc. Even with liability protection, if he stepped up, it will help. I do not understand.

He must urgently stop claiming the lockdowns worked for it never did! This continues to damage him. There is no place on earth, not even in US, where any lockdown worked, it only harmed and caused deaths. He must stop this nonsense now so he can get even people on the other side to listen to him. The Fauci and Birx lockdowns and school closures killed people, killed our children. The COVID injections were always failed, OWS was a failure, the injections especially Bourla and Bancel’s are ineffective and cause deaths.

Many children, healthy children will die from these injections. They do not need it and the injections are dangerous. Proven so. This is all risk, no benefit. Look around. They do not work, go ask Newsom.

There is a massive opportunity cost to the injections, for we trade strong, robust, durable, near life-long ‘natural immunity’ for deficient, sub-optimal, non-neutralizing ‘vaccinal immunity.’ In taking the vaccine, we lose the opportunity for gaining and enjoying robust natural immunity that is broad. Help us President Trump, to ensure that children do not pay the price, the cost, with their natural innate immunity.

Call for the stopping immediately, and demand no child, no healthy child be given these. Call on the FDA today to stop all such meetings. End the COVID madness now! He must take leadership in this! He has not thus far! I did support him and still support him but he is failing in what he has to do as the nation reels from hyper inflation and the like and crime. He needs to help start the healing and fixing. Set this part right. The people need to know they were not insane the last 2.3 years, they knew the lockdowns were madness and the vaccines are not effective, not properly tested and not safe. Help people heal and begin to pick up the pieces. Everyone needs to stop playing political games now!

Mr. President, we need you to stand up and step up now! Declare the grave mistake with lockdowns and school closures and the Operation Warp Speed (OWS) insanity. In no sane world, can you take a 15 year process and boil it down to 4 to 5 months and expect it to work and be safe. The ‘time’ was there for a reason, so we can examine safety signals! They lied to you and you bought it! You need to admit this now and help defend the children’s safety, join us in this fight please! Our children are in the cross-hairs of pharma, Bourla and Bancel, and FDA and CDC and NIH demons and corrupted people. Help us! Take the lead!