Trump & re-election: Hart in WSJ piece below said it as we have been saying it yet I set him aside for special mention for it is blunt, no fooling around & let me add: I supported Trump, still do, I

by Paul Alexander

will be attacked now but here goes, Trump MUST apologize for the death & destruction due to the lockdown lunacy he allowed (Fauci/Birx/Collins, Pence), if not, can't be re-elected, I agree

Hart’s WSJ piece below is stirring and I wanted to showcase it. But let me weigh in first and thus thank you for indulging me:

The March 2020 lockdowns globally led by the US and implemented by POTUS Trump under guidance by Fauci, Birx, Pence, Francis Collins etc., will go down as one of two of the greatest public health disasters in US/global history. An unquestionable catastrophic failure that harmed and killed many thousands beyond the COVID virus. We told them out of the gate that a focused protection approach was needed as we saw a strong age-risk stratified steep curve where COVID was amenable to risk stratification and baseline risk prognostic on severity of outcome. Fauci and the lockdown lunatics did not listen.

There is no other way to put this. The lockdowns and its lunacy in response to the fraud manufactured pathogen (intentionally or accidentally released) were devastating and coupled to the fraud failed COVID vaccine, hurt Trump and if he cannot understand that or admit that, then this will be a problem electorally. It is a key reason why voters are hesitant and questioning. None of the lockdowns or vaccine worked. None of it. It devastated and hurt people and in many instances, is irrecoverable. Loses are permanent.

So this is it. They, Fauci et al. knew exactly what they were about. They used the lockdowns etc. to damage Trump and they did. The devastation from the lockdowns (and school closures and all of the lockdown lunatic specious policies) are only matched by the devastation due to the fraud failed ineffective, and deadly COVID gene mRNA injection ‘so called vaccines’. As stated prior, the lockdowns and this fraud COVID vaccine are the two greatest public health disasters and really greatest disasters of any kind in a historical perspective. The economic and personal toll is staggering and it will take the rest of the 21st century for the US to recover (80 years).


POTUS Trump failed to fire Fauci, Birx, and Francis Collins and they, along with the criminal CEOs Bourla (Pfizer) and Bancel (Moderna), delivered a depth of pain and suffering to America unimaginable. Every single COVID lockdown policy failed. There is no evidence, no science anywhere that shows any of these lunatic shielding and NPI polices were successful in curbing transmission or cutting deaths.

And POTUS Trump best understand that they will soon pivot and blame the lockdowns and fraud vaccine on him. You just wait! He has to get ahead of this. He has to explain to America why he did not fire Fauci and why he went along with OWS.

Every single one of these people and many more, to include Alex Azar, Rochelle Walensky, Hahn, Ashish Jha etc. (many more not mentioned here), all, must be individually investigated, deposed, and must be examined properly and legally, fairly in tribunals and public inquiries. If they are shown to have been reckless and unscientific and costed lives by their COVID policies, they must be stripped of every penny and jailed! With hard labor.

The time is now for POTUS Trump to admit to the catastrophic failures of the lockdowns and this fraud deadly vaccine, and to stand up against it for children, and express his empathy and compassion to all who have been lost and suffered. He failed to fire the malfeasants who did this. He must apologize and recognize the failure. He must take responsibility for the devastation of the lockdowns and vaccines. If not, I do not see how he will be re-elected. I supported him and still do, and many say he does not have the right anymore to run due to the failures. I say no, give him the chance to come forward asap to begin the fix.

I will be as clear as possible, the pandemic response under POTUS Trump was a failure. Complete, and in a sense what they handed to Biden was a failure. Biden et al. just continued it and made it even worse. I do not blame him (Trump), I blame the Task Force and all around him who misled him and misguided him and conspired against him. Yet he also has some responsibility. He was failed by the key people who were to give him the right information for the right decisions. They did subvert him and they must be held to account and we want justice. No amnesty. Yet it starts with POTUS Trump as he was the leader and he failed to fire them and he must explain. A key aspect is he should have never left it up to the states and as POTUS, he was needed to lead.

Hart is on point, yet there is lots we do not know but we are not stupid people. We can assess the situation and what we saw daily on the Task Force podium was a clown car and there were some key folk who tried to help and to right the ship and they were pilloried by the press, slandered, smeared, attacked and lives threatened etc. Me included.

With this one piece, I will now be attacked by sycophants and people who will now move to further smear and slander me but I was always in the game for the ‘right’ and will not bend. I want Trump to succeed and still support him. I think he was badly treated as was his family. I think fundamentally he is a good human being and loves his nation and flag, his police, military etc. I admire him, the arc of his life. I do not judge people based on the press. I make my own conclusions. I think with proper balance, he can have a second shot, but how that proceeds now depends on his next steps at contrition. The pain under Trump’s lockdowns were devastating, children committed suicide, hanging themselves. All who conspired against Trump (Fauci et al.) must be held to account. All linked to the COVID gene injection and all the pharma malfeasants, the CEOs, the scientists etc. must be held to account and made to answer serious questions. Yet POTUS Trump, who I still support, cannot be handed the reigns until he explains what happened. The nation is owed this. And he must assure us that he will use the full weight of the law to go after all wrong doers. In his administration and Biden’s, once it is shown with proper inquiry.

Start Hart’s piece here, really a succinct tight piece warranting of many accolades, I tip my hat:

Title: Covid Lockdowns Disqualify Trump in 2024; ‘Fifteen days to stop the spread’ turned into an eternity.

‘March, 29, 2020, is a day that should live in infamy. The national mitigation plan against Covid-19, “15 days to stop the spread,” was about to expire. In the Rose Garden, President Trump declared that lockdowns would continue for another 30 days. I tweeted: “President Trump just lost the election.”

When Mr. Trump announced his 2024 campaign Tuesday, he didn’t apologize for the lockdowns or even mention them. I supported him in 2016, and during his tenure he did much to dredge the political swamps, but his decision to approve and extend drastic Covid interventions should disqualify him for a second term.

The White House Coronavirus Task Force, led by Vice President Mike Pence, Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, put the Constitution into an induced coma. Mr. Trump’s decision to adopt Chinese Communist Party tactics and close down the country gave license to states to amplify and extend these terrible policies, to governors to wield unprecedented executive powers, and to school districts to shut students out for months or even years.

Mr. Trump did very little to constrain this overreach. His dramatic Covid order shut down your business, barred your kids from school, denied you access to your church, your gym and your coffee shop. It suppressed screenings and treatments for cancer and other illnesses and kept people from visiting loved ones in the hospital or attending their funerals.

Studies appear weekly confirming what almost everyone now acknowledges—the lockdowns were futile as well as onerous. One set of researchers wrote: “Overall, we conclude that lockdowns are not an effective way of reducing mortality rates during a pandemic.”

Mr. Trump paid lip service to the need to reopen the country but never rallied lawmakers or other officials to do anything about it. It was left to governors like Brian Kemp of Georgia and Ron DeSantis of Florida to do that on their own.

Mr. DeSantis signed legislation that put specific triggers in place to prevent county health directors from declaring an emergency with unending powers. He implemented a patient’s bill of rights. He has continued to lead the battle against Dr. Fauci and his unending fear tactics. Little wonder the governor was resoundingly re-elected last week while Mr. Trump’s favored candidates went down in swing states across the country.

Covid-19 weakened America’s political immune system, leaving the country vulnerable to confusion, panic, unease and cowardice. Mr. Trump had been elected to combat this kind of insanity. He failed when it mattered most and doesn’t deserve another term.’