Trump said this about COVID vaccine when? I do not believe he would say this TODAY, now, based on how devastating, ineffective, harmful this COVID injection! I can't believe this is now; FREE book!

by Paul Alexander

So let us be clear, he said this but he was devastating misled with Operation Warp Speed for this vaccine, this mRNA gene platform, is ineffective, deadly, failed, he was greatly misled by Azar et al.

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This will not be said by him now, never, for he is not stupid, he sees what is happening and I think very soon he will state clearly to not take it, and not for children. Late, devastatingly so, but he will. People have been terribly hurt by this.

They fooled him with the reduced 15 years to a few months testing timeline, he did not understand the science and that this meant it will be unsafe. HE DID NOT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH THEY SCREWED HIM WITH THE COVID RESPONSE, starting with the fraud over-cycled PCR test, 97% false positives.

These beasts, these malfeasants, Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Walensky, Adams, Azar, all of them, gave Trump terribly devastating advice and he followed them and hurt the nation. Many committed suicide. Children killed themselves. Walensky told us the vaccine stops infection and transmission. All were lies, a bunch of inept incompetent fools, Fauci et al. All of them. Drunk on their power. Drunk idiots, malfeasant fools.


It, the COVID gene injection so called ‘vaccine’, was never safety tested, nor with the right sample sizes, the number of events to ensure randomization was not breached, nor the proper duration of follow-up etc. This OWS was a catastrophic failure and he knows it!

These phucke*rs with OWS hurt the US and world by extension and Azar out the icing on the cake, the nail in our coffin with this PREP Act liability protection. This must be investigated.

I am not naïve, I am not stupid, the reality is he, Trump, is fundamentally not a malevolent person like many in government and the alphabet health agencies, inept and rotten to the core. Vicious corrupted illogical and specious people. Bought out by pharma, led by the corrupted and unscientific FDA. Marks, Jha, Murthy, Walensky et al. must be fired today! Pure garbage junk corrupt vaccine science and health policies.

He, Trump, loves his nation and people, just be failed. Yet he failed with the lockdowns and the vaccine (allowing Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins and Azar to lead this that caused thousands of deaths needlessly) and they will go down as the two greatest public health disasters in history.

This is my impression, and one need not eat breakfast with someone to understand.

I supported him and still do. But he failed. I know he will not say the same thing on the vaccines again. His ego and his want to fix this and help his nation and people and do a ‘good’, blinded by the potential to be credited by all the successes, was preyed upon and he fell for it. The pandemic response was a failure. The vaccine was a deadly failure. I don’t know how else to say it yet I do not fault him. I still like him and support him, I think a good man, father, human being. Really so. I fault the demons, the criminals who were around him hollowing him from inside ‘the house’. Yes, Atlas was right, there was plague upon the house.

I like Joe Ladapo’s stance and we want DeSantis to get firmer and be more declaration on the vaccine. I do like what I see and have heard. There may be others too in the lurk who will be even more beneficial. We have to wait, but hopefully not too long.