Trump: This was the one story written by corrupted media, the establishment media that hurt Trump; he never said this but the damage was done! This devastated him as he did not know how bad they were

by Paul Alexander

This was a pure lie and meant to hurt him politically and it was false on all levels, and it really hurt him that people would lie like that, he never really understood how evil DC and deepstate was

Nothing hurt him this much and it would you, for he did and always supported the military and police like no other I can name; people I asked in the WH and who were there told me how much it ravaged him not as to the media and the liars, but the pain on the military. It also helped me understand how ruthless these people are. People I grew to meet in DC who was there, said nothing, not one bit of that was true. And I spoke to people on left and right, dems and repubs, and I went out of my way to ask for it always was in my mind and when I got the chance, it was made clear. Even people who did not support him on the left, who spoke on work issues with me, said ‘all a lie’. I can tell you, in DC, destruction of your enemy is sport. That’s all they live for. The win, no matte if it destroys a good person.

This, when the present administration oversaw the death of 13 good soldiers on leaving Afghanistan. Yet crickets from the media. And the death of the Ambassador in Bhenghazi (2012) under Obama and the other security personnel. Crickets and cover up.


Trump called American war dead ‘suckers’ and ‘losers', report claims