Trump trapped them, he baited them, he set a trap, he won! They just don't get it yet! Clandestine. If it is shown that they abused power to do what they did, the FBI etc. will have hell to pay.

by Paul Alexander

Again, no law enforcement must ever be threatened, no police, not even FBI etc., I will not stand for that, many great people in ranks, but it is clear now, the alphabets are corrupted at the top!

Trump to the NY AG Letitia James today:


Listening to Turley tonight, Trump was always in compliance and within law. What they did on surface now had no basis. Over reach and abuse. They must now come clean and show us why they had to do what they did. Silence will not cut it. My reading thus far says they had no basis, except that ‘they could do it’. Americans will punish the democrats et al. at the polls for this royally. Even if repubs involved **cough cough Bitch McConnell, oh my bad, I meant Mitch McConnell **cough cough. It’s my arthritis in the hand always seeming to act up when I am excited.

It Was a Trap


‘Alright, now that we have waited just about 48 hours to let the details surface about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, let’s analyze the situation from 40,000 feet.

Let’s look at the facts as of now. The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, looking for alleged classified documents, while Donald Trump was not present. The FBI reportedly did not find the alleged “classified” documents they were looking for, but they did take 15 boxes of documents from Trump’s home. The FBI did not reveal the reasonable cause to Trump’s legal team, Trump must sue for the right to see that apparently.

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Most importantly, Eric Trump was present on the property and facilitated the situation. He reported that the Mar-a-Lago staff did NOT turn off security cameras, despite instructions from FBI. So for those who are concerned about the FBI planting anything, Trump had that base covered. And for those who are concerned they will “plant evidence” back at FBI HQ, thats not how that works, they have to take photos and document everything at the scene. They won’t be able to successfully plant anything while under surveillance. Eric event went so far as to say that they have already “captured FBI acting improperly”.

At first, this event enraged the overwhelming majority of the Trump base. But after the facts unfolded and the media narratives were established, we can see this event has not only caused ZERO net damage to Trump, its benefitting him immensely.

This blatant Gestapo-like act of fascism by the Biden DOJ/FBI, has done nothing but prove Trump’s entire overarching narrative since the beginning; that the Deep State exist and the DNC are deranged totalitarian psychopaths who will abuse government by any means necessary to achieve their nefarious agenda. That there’s a two-tiered “Justice” system. Just look at how the FBI slapped Hillary on the wrist for her egregious handling of classified material that threatened NATSEC; as compared to the alleged mystery documents that the Biden admin didn’t care about until America First candidates started sweeping primaries.

This raid was so outrageous and so unprecedented, that conservatives, liberals, and centrists alike, have all expressed malcontent for the actions of the Biden DOJ/FBI. Former DNC Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, and disgraced former DNC New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, spoke out about this madness. Even left-wing MSM, they are admitting this raid has established a dangerous new precedent. This is a colossal normie-waking red pill. Trump looks like the victim/martyr.

This event has lit a fire under an already highly motivated Trump base, and mobilized the conservative media in a way that I have never seen before. It’s also establishing justifiable grounds to take corrective action against the DOJ/FBI. It’s also establishing a precedent that former Presidents and political opponents are fair game. It’s opening the door to accomplish our end goals.

Given the impending indictment of Hunter Biden, and the escalating allegations from Russia against the DNC of Bioterrorism via the creation of C19 in Ukraine; this is not just a victory, it’s a MASSIVE one.

What negative happened to Trump?


What negative happened to the enemy?

-They are losing court of public opinion.

-They have terrible optics heading into the midterms.

-They just went full fascist dictatorship in front of all the normies and weaponized law enforcement to carry out political operations.

-They did all this and didn’t even find what they were looking for.

The boomerang already happened. Trump suffered no losses, he knew they were coming, the media narrative and the optics are PERFECT, and the “war-like posture” from the DNC Globalists will cause for an equal and opposite reaction from Trump and America First GOP when they assume power after the midterms.

This move has opened the doorway to accelerated political warfare. The gloves are off. Trump doesn’t have to worry as much about optics moving forward, because the enemy crossed the Rubicon.

As each day passes, we drift closer and closer to the precipice. The crazier things seem to appear, the closer we are to the finish line.’