Trump was misled massively by Fauci, Collins, Bourla etc.; Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca etc., they all knew the COVID vaccine was failed, & it DID NOT sterilize the virus, yet put it out; criminals

by Paul Alexander

They all knew the vaccine did not stop infection or transmission, and that implementing the MASS vaccination during the pandemic would drive infectious variants; immunology 101; DELIBERATELY DONE

A warning again:

These vaccines (with no sterilizing capacity, cannot block transmission) can only drive more and more infectious variants and the makers knew this and it is this that has been criminal on their part. We are actually creating the pandemic, we are keeping it ongoing. We are creating a chronic pandemic.

The vaccine is so vastly interfering with the natural course of the pandemic for if you look at the baseline in the subsequent epidemic curves and waves (just look at them), we see the downward plunge never gets back to baseline (even as the infection declines in the downward slope after peak) and this shows how much the vaccine is damaging the immune response. We are in effect damaging the ‘sterilizing’ gold-standard immunity from natural innate immunity and in effect, exchanging it for non-sterilizing sub-optimal ‘vaccinal’ immunity. This is devastating.

Trump was so badly mislead. He made serious mistakes giving all involved ‘liability protection’ (Alex Azar February 2020) and also the payment scheme where they were paid in full even before vaccines were produced or were shown effective.

These vaccines were devised to keep this pandemic ongoing for 50 years, 100 years. It is the only way I see it now. The tragedy is that CDC and NIH and FDA and Fauci and Francis Collins, they all knew this and these people have been devastating to the population. Immunologists and scientists and doctors who have stood silent are viciously devastating for this. This is a serious issue. Many have died due to the vaccine.

Why did they bring a sub-optimal vaccine? To mass vaccinate? Was this really all about money? Do these people even care about lives? When they know that the vaccine would not stop transmission. Why would they consider vaccinating children with these vaccines who have such low near zero risk, that have no basis, no risk, and vaccine dangers, and this to me is criminal and I want all involved in the children vaccine push held accountable. If any child dies from these vaccines given all we have shown and told them, then I want them in a court room answering for that crime.

The crime of this COVID vaccine is real and we have to ensure this is fully investigated and people who did wrong are held to account. It should have never ever happened. Today, one can look at the arc of COVID for the 2 years and see each action, each lockdown policy was geared to you getting vaccine, scaring you into compliance in wait of a vaccine that they who brought the vaccine knew it was failed and did not work; all it did and remains capable of doing is driving infectious variants. This is the vaccine you have taken. The gave you a vaccine that did not work from day 1. And they know exactly what it was doing. Making you, the vaccinee, infectious and even getting sick, slowly.

I argue today this was deliberate fraud on the POTUS; Trump was very mislead and he just did not know, he did not understand the vaccinology or immunology and he bought the bull and lies Azar and his buddies in pharma and the FDA was telling him; he bought the lies of Bancel (Moderna) and Bourla (Pfizer), IMO demons…what I fear is these vaccines will cause many in our military, our police, our border agents, all our fine healthy security and front line people who were mandated vaccine, to fall severely ill and many will die. I say ‘will’ die for the proper safety was never done and no one, no public health official like Fauci and Walensky or Francis Collins can argue with me and state otherwise. I challenge them to. I have done this openly. They know our military and police are at risk now. We just do not know when.

I do not blame Trump, I started out supporting him and still do. I even think if DeSantis does not run, that he deserves a second shot to finish the good things. They make a good team. But he has to admit at some point his failure to fire Fauci and Birx and all of those who were working against him and the US; he needs to state how wrong he was buying into the lockdowns for it did hurt him, it caused thousands of deaths and he has to state this and admit this; he should have pushed early treatment more for thousands died due to the lies and malfeasance of NIH and State licensing boards preventing early treatment; he must also stand up now and say that the vaccines have failed, its clear, and are not effective or properly safe; he must say that no child must be vaccinated as they have near zero risk and the vaccine brings no benefit to them and is harmful as seen.

So in brief again as to the disaster this COVID vaccine is and again, full disclosure, I have gained tremendous depth in immunology and virology over the last 2 years as I sought to understand the insanity and lots have come under the tutoring of Drs. Geert Vanden Bossche, Robert Kennedy, Robert Malone, Byram Bridle, Peter McCullough, Harvey Risch, Howard Tenenbaum, Steve Pelech, Lee Merritt etc.

But my summary of why this is a disaster and if we ever wanted to produce a lethal slow kill bioweapon, and one that would keep the pandemic ongoing, with new immune escape variants constantly, then we keep mass vaccinating using a non-sterilizing sub-optimal vaccine as this one. They knew (AstraZeneca/AZ) from the monkey trials AZ did that there was no difference in viral load/infection between the vaccinated and unvaccinated monkeys. Yet these power-drunk demons pushed on with this failed vaccine, for they knew it did not stop transmission or infection. They knew these vaccines were not capable of sterilizing (eliminating) the virus and so was very dangerous to bring forth. Yet they did it all the same.

Remember, protection against infection or transmission or death or hospitalization was not an end point of the trials. It was against symptoms. And not even severe symptoms. But this is mass vaccinating that was done, and if you cannot stop the chain of transmission with this vaccine then you will never have gotten population-level herd immunity. And you will drive variants that could overcome the immune pressure, and you will give them some competitive advantage (the ‘fitter’ more robust variants will have competitive advantage) and the result is they will become enriched (spread) in the population. So they become dominant e.g. alpha, beta Delta, Omicron etc. They become more infectious and more dominant. In other words, if the vaccine program continues, then variants will continue and this will never stop.

We knew if you rolled out this sub-optimal vaccine during a pandemic, in the midst of ongoing infectious pressure, the persons in the population are in the process of mounting the immune response and will be faced with high infectious pressure from the circulating virus and attacked by the virus (as this is in a pandemic), but the immune pressure is sub-optimal (immature, undeveloped, not complete as it is mounting and not yet complete) and it does not stop infection or transmission (does not neutralize the virus), and this leads to resistance. Variants emerge under evolutionary selective pressure. And we underestimated the evolutionary impact of mounting immune pressure and circulating infectious pressure on the resulting dynamics of the virus, while applying mass vaccination. The issue is as the immune response is mounting (mounting immune pressure), the population is under attack by the virus (infectious pressure). Same happens, this resistance, with antibiotics.

The critical immunity to provide protection in coronavirus and even in influenza is the innate immune system (acute self-limiting disease). Innate is protective against coronaviruses and influenza. Children have such potent innate immune systems and it is what has protected them against COVID. The innate too is why even though this virus was new to the population (though we argue cross-protection from prior common cold coronavirus conferred some protection), that people did not get infected or ill from it, as the innate provided the first-line of defense. So it is why at the start of the pandemic the population were immune (immunologically naïve) to the virus even though they were not prior exposed. So the protection was due to innate immunity, especially those in good health, they got no or mild illness as were protected.

The acquired immunity due to the vaccine is of no use and we see it with OMICRON as the virus variant is resistant to the vaccinal antibodies (Abs). And the illness is very mild. How come? Well this is the power of the innate doing its job eliminating the virus. So what we are seeing is the vaccinal Abs that normally compete with innate Abs that offer us protection and outcome them, are now outcompeted by the innate Abs.

If the virus is now resistant to the neutralizing vaccinal Abs that cannot bind to the virus, then this means the innate immunity has regained its functional capacity to bind to the virus and eliminate the coronavirus and clear it and sterilize it. So we are in effect, benefitting against a circulating virus that is resistant to the useless acquired vaccinal Abs that we have induced from vaccine. Malone is correct, we have ‘nature’s vaccine’. This is why the illness now is so mild for it is the innate immunity (regained ‘set-free’ functional capacity) that is working as it should, now set free.

So the variant is resistant to the Abs and the vaccinal Abs cant outcompete the innate Abs and thus the innate Abs causes such mild illness as it eliminates the OMICRON fast. This is why symptoms are often non-existent or even mild. Its the innate Abs doing the job and not the vaccinal Abs given the resistance of the OMI spike to the vaccinal Abs.

We thus need to allow the ‘resistance’ to continue and not interfere with it, so that we can get to population-level herd immunity via our regained functional innate immunity capacity that can bind to the variant spike (OMI) and eliminate the virus and get us to herd immunity. So if we refuse to use the circulating OMI variant as a live weakened attenuated vaccine, a ‘gift’ as Malone says and Vanden Bossche, and we move to get a OMI spike specific vaccine, we will destroy this ‘nature’s gift’ and this will lead to devastating consequences. The intended Pfizer OMI specific vaccine will be catastrophic. So we are benefitting from a circulating variant that is resistant to the vaccinal Abs. Do not touch that. So we should seek to generate herd immunity naturally now via this ‘nature’s gift’ as infection is so very mild with often non-existent symptoms. Mass vaccination will lead to catastrophe if we continue this way if we move to vaccinate against OMI specifically.

There will be severe illness and disease in those vaccinated with the omicron vaccine (Pfizer omi vaccine is a disaster) for it will still not be able to sterilize the virus (stop infection and transmission; can bind but not stop infection/neutralize) and this is classic antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) as the Abs can bind but will not stop infection and the vaccinee will become infected. This is ADE. The virus will again be able to select mutants to overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure (using an OMI specific vaccine).

A bit more to consider: we have 15 mutations in the receptor binding domain (RBD) in the OMI variant spike, that binds to the ACE receptor. An OMI specific vaccine will induce new mutations in the RBD and may induce mutations outside of the RBD (during a pandemic) that would allow it to use entry receptors different to the ACE 2 receptor on susceptible host cells. As mentioned, the OMI vaccine will not be able to stop infection or transmission and thus the variants will again select mutants that could overcome the vaccinal Abs. So the virus may be able to enter the cell through another door and thus will be very infectious (theory is may introduce one to two new mutations to allow it to enter another the cell via another receptor). Vaccinal Abs can now outcompete innate Abs again, but are not capable of neutralizing the virus (can bind, but not stop it). The innate Abs at this time will not be able to neutralize/eliminate the virus. So this can enhance the pathogenicity of the virus and virulence (ADE) and this expedites entry of the virus into the cell. Persons will get ill very fast. Natural immunity may not be able to help in recovery (as Geert says will not be able to catch up in time). GVB says early treatment may also not work in time to stop severe illness.

If we mass vaccinated more populations using an OMI specific vaccine, it will be devastating and will cause serious harms.

A warning. Moreover, this is the perfect recipe to keep this pandemic ongoing forever. Maybe POTUS Biden knows this, and thus why he has threatened to veto any bill to remove the emergency declarations. They know exactly what they are doing. This is designed to never end.