Trump was toppled & he did not even know it! Subversives inside his White House & in public health agencies CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, Fauci, Birx etc., these people all conspired against him; he failed!

by Paul Alexander

He allowed Fauci & Brix to harm US & they stole our liberties for 2.5 years to bring a lab manufactured virus, deliberate release to harm US, fraud pandemic, failed harmful injection; all to hurt US

Trump never ever understood how much the lockdowns that Fauci and Birx implemented that he allowed, just how much it hurt people, his peoples, Americans. How much all it did was shift the burden of morbidity and mortality from the laptop café latte, zoom class, to the poor in the US (women, children, African Americans etc.) and harmed them, people least able to shield! Yes, people were now able to walk their dogs, catch up on reading, go on vacations in the lockdowns, hunker in the basements in crocks and flannels, while the poor faced pathogen in the grocery serving them, and died!

It continues to stun me that Trump praises the lockdowns under him and this dangerous COVID injection. I am shocked at times. It is as if he has no clue of what has happened in the real world due to his lockdowns and OWS injection. He approved. Yes, I know they lied to him and misled him. But he was the boss and he failed to fire them (Fauci, Birx, Hahn, Azar etc.) and get the right people. The result was the world, not the US, the entire world was phucked by the decision to lock down on March 16th 2020 for they then acquiesced as they felt they ‘had to’, especially poorer developing nations. Trump should at the very least, stand up against these injections in children as it will kill healthy children.

Yes, it was all a fraud, day 1. A hoax, and not the pathogen for something was released. The entire pandemic was no pandemic, all manufactured, the narrative, using the fraud PCR test with it’s false positives to pull this off; And all those in the past involved, and now today, all, in Trump’s administration and Biden’s, from academia, fraud fake media, medical doctors, scientists, technocrats, bureaucrats, alphabet health agencies, Prime Ministers, Presidents…all, all worked together to make money, make no mistake these bitches made big money, doctors and hospitals incentivized to COVIDize you, all, all IMO are malfeasants, and even the ones in Freedom fight, those you see around speaking etc.; listen carefully, these are just money whores pimping off a horrible set of events…they actually, I know many of them, have no care about the pain and loss and suffering. This is about COIN$ to these money whores and boy, are they good at it, some have media shows, some speak…it’s really something to see, the ‘operation’.

The great America was the target.

All of it was fake and to bring an ineffective dangerous poison of an injection that causes your cellular machinery to manufacture the very poison that end stage COVID sees, the spike protein. To inject pregnant women and children and COVID recovered people who were never studied. This alone was the insanity and malfeasants by pharma and FDA and CDC. We must jail these people in time!

Paul Marik, McCullough, Cole, Hodkinson, Lee Merritt, Trozzi, Risch, Tenenbaum…these are the real heroes. Most others are money whores, fleecing the public who are desperate to hear something…it’s rather perverse.

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Evil, insane vision, inept, corrupted, fraud, illogical, deranged with their lockdown lunacy; What Birx & Fauci did to Trump conspiring against him (from inside WHITE HOUSE) was DELUSIONAL MADNESS!
Every single aspect of this COVID pandemic, was a pure flat lie! Everything, culminating in an ineffective non-sterilizing vaccine (infectious variant driving) that is very harmful, especially to our children! Yes, lockdowns, it was a solution that was in constant want and search of data and evidence and Fauci and Birx had none, ZERO…
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