Trump won the election, I will share timelines to show he won, up to the 2 weeks before election internal polls, internal polls the day before election, he won; lockdowns DID hurt him though

by Paul Alexander

badly lockdowns hurt, but in a video I will share, I have done, just going over it, I will tell; what happened after election night will have to be resolved; from all I know & saw, he won

I do believe he won but it was close. And it is his lockdowns that hurt his presidency and he did not understand.

It was tight and back and forth and a real come from behind at a certain point. Because the lockdowns had baked in and was hurting him badly and the school closures and business closures and mainly because he was unable to express his empathy and he was gut wrenched by the school closures and deaths of the children. It was clear. He was terribly moved and hurt. He was devastated by the impacts of the lockdowns but he could not articulate it with empathy the way many wanted him to. POTUS Trump still has not accepted the failures of his lockdowns and this COVID injection and it has hurt his peoples badly. I am stunned that he still praises the lockdowns and these harmful injections still. He was the CEO and should have stood his ground on lockdowns and the injections. He knew, his gut knew that yet he approved.

The aim was to hang each coming vaccine death on Trump for they knew the vaccine would result in deaths before it was even rolled out, each of the COVID vaccine deaths happening now ...they actually felt he was going to win and had begun to discuss placing each death on him. 24/7 the media would have showcased each of the vaccine deaths. If Trump was in power today, each harmful effect, each death would have been hung on him, not the quiet and pretense the media etc. operates with now. What I am saying is that it was felt in deepest parts of DC that he was going to win.

He has to stand up fast! He will be blamed shortly for the lockdowns and deaths due to the vaccine, he will be. It was a decision made long ago.

But based on what we knew, could people at the polls, the exact day November 3rd, make changes and vote the other way? All things are possible. They are very possible, and you cannot discount that this may have happened and he may have just been pipped at the line. Yes, he may have lost but a hair. As well as monkey business happened…we may learn that monkey business and fraud did occur. Yet it occurs both sides, lets be honest…but from what I will share in the brief video (again, it’s done just tweaking), unless something drastic and unanticipated happened, he won. Everything I understood showed he was going to win and won.

He will have to however, for his legacy and name, reconcile with the nation as to the damage of lockdowns and the COVID gene injection he brought under him for a good second look…yes, the lockdowns were his decisions and the vaccine. I think he should get a 2nd POTUS shot yet I will say Ron deserves the shot based on his prowess and what he has done. I will vote for Ron hands down. I like Ron and what he did. Both are remarkable, Trump is remarkable, did remarkable things, has to square how come he did not fire Fauci and Birx and many others for in allowing them to lead the lockdown lunacy, many people were harmed, healthy people, and they took their lives even. Committed suicide. Died. His decision.

He has to come out strong now and urgently against these COVID shots for children and in fact, call for them to be stopped, now! The deepstate and CDC and NIH and FDA et al. all conspired against Trump. What he did was remarkable still given the Hadrian’s wall he confronted by the hour in DC.

His first 2 years were lost, DOA to Speaker Paul Ryan who damaged him at each turn, the last year was COVID disaster, so you judge Trump really on year 3 and even in 1 year, he did more for the US and groups etc., he accomplished more than 10 prior POTUSs…in one year.

The ideal situation is for us to understand exactly what happened the night of the election. Both sides. For America. There are questions that are real and credible and for the best for America, we must answer them.