TRUMP; you know how much I support him; did more than the last 10 POTUS; but he was WRONG; and we must be able to say it and he must be able to admit it; he was badly MISLED; on lockdowns and vaccines

by Paul Alexander

The conspiring lockdown lunatics have shown a depth of academic sloppiness & laziness, a cognitive dissonance so deafening to anything contrary to their views, and never contemporary with the science

I write always as an academic scientist recognizing that you are as informed as I. First, huge hugs and respect to you all! This last day of 2021. Hold on, we will get through this. Hold on!!

I am repeating this here (as I posted elsewhere). Remember, we can shut the virus down in the nose/oral-nasal passage using nasal-oral wash (virucidal wash) e.g. using povidone-iodine (betadine) or hydrogen peroxide, diluted, then swish and spit, do not swallow, and use a Q-tip clean the inner tips of the nostrils and a bit more deeper inside the nostrils. We can stop this virus and variants, and other respiratory virus dead in its track.

They conspired to make his presidency and country look unmanageable and ungovernable as COVID emerged. It was an actual plan and a day to day one run by people dedicated to this. That was their job in DC. This was told to me, exact words, by both persons on the right and left in DC, well placed…that the game plan was to make Trump look out of control and ‘incapable’ and that nothing he could do or say, day to day, would seem right and they would use the press, the media, the actual political press and the entertainment media, to accomplish it…and they did! To make it as if there was constant chaos and nothing was going right under him as to COVID! And boy they sure did!

For he had no one around him protecting him and shielding him, the right people, not the ass sucker hanger-ons seeking to capitalize off of him, with their own political aims and aspirations, not the sycophants, you still see them…and he did try to fix this, he did, and what is remarkable about him is he even tried on his own, knowing he was waging on his own. Had he had the right people around him, trusted people, COVID would have been done in one month. Early treatment, no lockdowns, no closures, a sensible balanced approach, and not just the US, but the world would have sailed through this and dealt with it the way it should have been.

Trump’s legacy is now in his hands, and if you really support someone & want them to succeed, you give them the vinegar too, not just sugar; he must NOW man up and admit Fauci & Birx effed up his presidency.

The lockdown lunatics know that it is over, that COVID is DONE, and mild non-consequential OMICRON put the final nail. It is time we go back to our normal lives and turn off these crazy irrational unscientific lunatics, these specious experts who have not read the data or evidence for 2 years, do not understand it and are blinded to it. They have demonstrated a depth of academic sloppiness and laziness, a cognitive dissonance so deafening, to anything contrary to their twisted unsound inaccurate view of COVID. It is clear by their actions they are not contemporary with the science.

I and others who called for a balanced focused protection (no lockdown) from day 1, to properly protect the vulnerable FIRST while you allow the rest of low risk healthy society to live reasonably normal, as near normal lives as possible, unfettered, with sensible daily precautions…we will be shown correct from day 1 (March/April 2020)…it is coming, for all else we said would fail…is indeed failing and has failed. Down to the bogus vaccines. You were sold something you did not need and that is the key here, and they did not do the proper safety long term testing and follow up so we do not know what will happen in the future for those who took the vaccine. They who pushed this on you do not know either.

I wish to start by saying I wish you and family a peaceful and blessed coming year, safety, and that our Lord cradles you and keeps you well for our battles ahead…and that you can spend each minute with your family and loved ones with a heightened sense of urgency understanding now that there is no more precious entities than ‘FREEDOM’ and ‘TIME’….as simple as being able to go where you want to go taking reasonable common sense precautions…that the government can reduce you to a bumbling idiot who has to sit there with a mask and cannot move unless you take a vaccine that was NEVER needed and has shown to be ineffective and even harmful…and BOXED you in…taken your life and freedom.

We must punish them severely at the polls, and take all who we can show did wrong here, into a proper legal forum and punish them, legal forum, civilly, if they did wrong legally, punish them, no matter political party, no matter if you ‘liked’ them…this is a society built on law and people must be accountable. for thousands died needlessly…they refused to use early treatment that could have saved 750,000 Americans, locked us down needlessly with no undergirding science and continued and hardened it when the science said it was killing people, and forced a vaccine on us that is not working and killing people…and they knew the data showed it was ineffective out of the box…they lied with the published data…they know it and they know people like me know it…

I say firmly, if any child is knowingly harmed and dies from these vaccines, Fauci and Walensky and Francis Collins and Bourla, the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse must pay legally…financially and sit in a jail if we have to…for we have written enough and said enough and warned them all enough that children will die and to not do this…

Most of it, the COVID response, was a hoax, a lie, you were fed a lie! It did not need to be this way. We all were conspired against and fed lies, for vaccine. The lockdowns, the PCR test, masks…all of it…there was no science to support any of it and it quickly accumulated to show it was worthless and harmful…and I am going to write a book and it has begun, on my time in DC and what I learnt (to the extent I could share and what I cannot discuss I cannot discuss) but I will tell you how I think on each action taken…the science and the politics…just the facts…and what I could I would…fully for you deserve the unbridled truth always…we all do.

YES, it is hard to believe that this could have happened and two years could just be taken away from you and you could lose loved ones and could not properly bury them, could not go see them, families and loved ones ripped apart, that business owners and laid of employees could kill themselves, that little children could be found in their room hung…you see, the media lied to you all summer of 2020, little children in the US killed themselves due to Fauci and Birx…their lockdowns…it was Fauci and Birx lockdowns and school closures that caused untold crushing harms and deaths across the US and world…it killed many of our poor people, our poor children. it ravaged women who had to stop work to come home and many were fighting out of a dependent situation to stake her claim, rightfully…who were least able to shield and lock down…Fauci and Birx starved many children for months with school closures as children got their only meal in school.

You all have been through hell this last 22-23 months and it aint over for the craven lockdown lunatics, the beelzebubs, the MANY horsemen of the apocalypse (not just 4), the Armageddon insane COVID advisors especially those on FOX and CNN spewing drivel and nonsense 24/7, they want more…they want us down and out…they know it was mostly a lie built on a house of cards and so they know you have clued in and about to move on and live your life again, so are desperately searching for more, to try to convince you what they did was for your good and there were legitimate reasons…

Second and the purpose of this short offering, is my strong view that POTUS Trump can have his deserved great legacy but he must step forward now and admit that he was greatly misled and that it was Fauci and Birx he depended on and the Task Force and they and advisors, many of them, misled him. That he trusted them and their counsel and they lied and misled him. That he was no scientist and depended on their input, their best most up-to-date trustworthy highest quality data and information, for his informed decision making. But they routinely failed him and that he failed. He must admit that he should have fired them day one and all who were working against him and he knew who they were but failed to fire them.

He has to admit this was a costly mistake and why. That he was grossly misled by CDC and NIH and Fauci and Francis Collins, and Moncef and Bourla and Bancel et al. as to the efficacy and safety of the vaccines. That he shudders and pains daily for each harm and death that has accrued due to these vaccines and that he will work the rest of his life to recompense all who have lost, legally and civilly, with financial compensation, and that he recognizes that the two greatest public health disasters occurred on his watch and that he is deeply sorry and want to ensure that all who did this are held legally and civilly (financially) accountable. If he does this, he would gain support on both sides for people are waiting, waiting for him, to help them know that the last two years was wrong, and that they are not insane for being angry. They are not insane for not wanting a vaccine when they have recovered from COVID, are likely immune, or do not trust the vaccines and have made their informed decision. That they are not insane when they sit and cry at times for the losses they suffered due to the lockdowns and closures. And that they just want back ‘their time’. Can somebody give it back to me? My time? That they wish to protect their children from harms. He has to stand up now and fast, for his legacy is on the line. His interview with Candace Owens did not help him in relation to his position on the the vaccines and her explanation did not help her.