Trying still to sort out arrest warrant situation this morning; the issue is that (informed from high up) speeches and mandate science I presented damaged govn; so aggressive move now to silence me

by Paul Alexander

It is very frightening and devastating that a govn & its technocrats can move to silence scientists this way, beyond just smearing and slander via their lap dogs media but by arrest; this is Canada?

Why not come to the table and discuss and debate, you were man enough to implement this destructive failed COVID policies that killed people for 2 years, and a failed useless harmful vaccine, so come to the table and explain how you made those decisions; don't move to arrest people who question you…who present science…this is not just outrageous but should chill every scientist across the world today…what happened yesterday to Hodkinson, me, Bridle…yes I am on the floor still and the reports were for me, but its to all skeptics and dissenters and contrarians…govn like in Canada will move to silence you with force and arrest.

I am trying to sort this out this morning still…so that I can respond and act as I would have to.