Trying to make sense of the madness CDC, NIH & Pfizer’s Bourla have put upon us: original antigenic sin (mortal antigenic sin), Marek’ disease, & subverting the immune system ‘life-long’ with vaccine

by Paul Alexander

The vaccinated (including boosted) are showing greater infection (Delta and Omicron) and illness than the unvaccinated; the unvaccinated are also getting infected; points to Original antigenic sin

I might need Brandon to help me here to explain this…;-)

We visit the Original Antigenic Sin phenomenon (Mortal Antigenic Sin) again. This is what happens when you vaccinate with a non-sterilizing imperfect, ‘leaky’ vaccine. When we mass vaccinate during a pandemic using this sub-optimal leaky COVID-19 vaccine when the virus is circulating (causing great infectious pressure) and there is ‘sub-optimal’ immune pressure pushing back via the vaccinal antibodies. Sub-optimal because it is known that the vaccine does not sterilize the virus (does not stop infection, transmission, and allows for immune escape). This intersection of infectious pressure and sub-optimal immune pressure against each other, is what causes natural selection to cull the ‘fittest’ variant to move to the future and the lethal variants to be culled out as they would cause the virus to arrive at an evolutionary dead-end. Point is we must never ever mass vaccinate using a non-sterilizing vaccine in the midst of an epidemic/pandemic as this will always drive variants and this pandemic will never end. Same reason we do not vaccinate for flu ‘during’ flu season. This is one portion of the explanation of why we are seeing these variants.

We will never ever be able to achieve population-level herd immunity with these non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing imperfect ‘leaky’ vaccines that do not stop infection, viral replication, or transmission. 100%. Alike how we will never contact trace our way out of this pandemic with a virus that has a 10-14 day incubation period and has already taken hold within the population. It just cannot happen.

Drs. Vanden Bossche and Montagnier have been vocal against vaccinating during an epidemic/pandemic with heavy infectious pressure from the circulating pathogen (in this case SARS-CoV-2 variants Delta and now Omicron) and the use of a very narrowly focused spike specific sub-optimal antibody response (an immature, sub-optimal, incomplete, immune library spectrum).

Some others argue that this has nothing to do with variants etc. or sub-optimal antibodies etc. and has all to do with an immune system that became subverted and is locked in that way forever due to the initial exposure or priming; the first priming to vaccine did this. It is this that I wish to explain a bit further down for to me, I can best explain the data we are seeing in Barnstable Mass, the UK data, and the Israeli data in this manner. Where the vaccinated is getting infected, colonizing virus, massive loads, and transmitting. Where the vaccinated is also getting sicker as the proper cellular immune response (cytotoxic) that could clear the site of infection, is sub-optimal or even non-existent.

Thomas Francis, Jr. in 1960 initially proposed the concept of the ‘original antigenic sin’ (OAS). Since then, it has been used to explain the initial priming of the immune system response and subsequent responding, using the influenza model. “The first antigenic variant encountered early in life conditions lifelong immunity”. The core issue is that if the epitope (s) (using SARS-CoV-2 model, it is the receptor binding domain (RBD) on the spike glycoprotein where there is binding/interaction between the RBD and the ACE 2 receptor in the host cell’s surface) has even the slightest variance (mutation), then the immune system, based on the initial priming or exposure, is prejudiced in that direction as it relies on ‘learning’ or ‘memory’ of the initial exposure. It does not generate a new primary or secondary response and the impact of this could be a sub-optimal response to the new variant given the immune system fails to make any adjustment.

The Marek’s disease/Read et al. (‘leaky’ non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing imperfect vaccines that reduce symptoms but do not stop infection or transmission) in chickens model and the concept of the Original antigenic sin (the initial priming of the immune system or exposure prejudices the immune response life-long to that pathogen/virus or similar, and if the initial priming of the immune system is indeed sub-optimal, then the subsequent response (exposure) may be sub-optimal to that pathogen or similar/related ones) may explain what we are potentially facing now with these imperfect COVID vaccines (which is immune escape, increased viral load, increased transmission, faster transmission, and potentially more ‘hotter’ variants). Read et al. (Marek’s disease) wrote “Could some vaccines drive the evolution of more virulent pathogens? Conventional wisdom is that natural selection will remove highly lethal pathogens if host death greatly reduces transmission. Vaccines that keep hosts alive but still allow transmission could thus allow very virulent strains to circulate in a population.”

Penn State’s Ohm wrote “Leaky vaccines work…without necessarily blocking or slowing viral replication. The result is that infected but vaccinated individuals have extended survival, allowing highly virulent pathogen that would normally reach an evolutionary dead-end in a dead host, that can transmit.” Boots echoed similar and again we suggest that we are possibly facing a Marek 2.0 now with these clearly imperfect COVID vaccines.

That if the first exposure is vaccine (you got the vaccine), then with the second exposure in the wild when you are exposed get a localized respiratory infection (someone transmitted to you) and you need a proper cytotoxic CD 8+ natural killer (NK) cell response to clear out the respiratory site of infection, that you would respond incorrectly with antibodies systemically (in the circulation), given that was the initial prime or exposure. If the first exposure was to vaccine, all subsequent responses with actual native infection exposure will be a systemic one which is wrong. The wrong soldiers are being sent and to the wrong location (antibodies sent when cytotoxic cells were needed), and even at the wrong time. Has nothing to do with variants or type of antibodies e.g. sub-optimal or non-neutralizing and potentially all to do with the immune system just responding incorrectly. I confess I need to praise Robert Malone, Mike Yeadon, Dan Stock, and Geert Vanden Bossche for my learning. And it is a work in progress as I seek to make sense and come up with a plausible theory.

Leaky vaccines can cause a disaster for the unvaccinated. “The result is that infected but vaccinated individuals have extended survival, allowing highly virulent pathogen that would normally reach an evolutionary dead-end in a dead host, can transmit.” This was what Read et al. found with the leaky vaccines in chickens (Marek’s virus disease). I argue we are facing this now with these imperfect leaky vaccines in humans and we are stunned as to why the vaccine developers would bring these sub-optimal vaccines to market, that would work to reduce symptoms yet not stop transmission. This is catastrophic.

The model (Box 1) assumes that the initial exposure/priming was to vaccine (systemwide exposure and not local infection) and here is where we position the concept of OAS/MAS. The initial priming was sub-optimal and prejudiced. It was wrong to start with. The vaccine does not hit Delta (or Omicron) and the initial exposure was vaccine when what was needed was a cellular response in the nasopharyngeal (upper respiratory tract) area. We may indeed convince the immune system to respond in a sub-optimal manner at that time and forever e.g. an incorrect response sent to the wrong location and at the wrong time. So, in the future, when there is an actual exposure in the respiratory system (remember, this is a pandemic and virus is circulating so more than likely you will be exposed and virus will land in your respiratory tract/nostrils) and you get a respiratory infection, you respond incorrectly. Your immune system has been biased in the wrong direction. The vaccinated persons actually become more vulnerable to the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. I write here not as an immunologist or virologist, as my expertise is in evidence-based medicine and epidemiology.

Box 1: Antibody-mediated viral enhancement and Original Antigenic Sin model to explain vaccinated persons globally getting infected and sick

The immune system is biased initially to fight the virus sub-optimally and incorrectly. The vaccine is wrong to begin with as it is comprised of the initial Wuhan strain March/April 2020, and not the prevailing variants (s). When you first become infected with a respiratory pathogen, the cells and tissues of your body tell the immune system where the infection is located. So, if you got viral particles landing in your nostrils (respiratory system), the immune system is signaled that the infection is viral and not bacterial and it is located in the respiratory system (nasal or pharyngeal area). The immune system then would have to chose (switch between) either the Th 1 cytotoxic CD 8 + response (local respiratory site response) or the Th 2 B-cell antibody response (B cells and antibodies systemically/circulation). If it is to the local site of respiratory infection, which is correct if the exposure is to a respiratory pathogen that lands in the nostrils, then it responds with the Th 1 cytotoxic T cell response pathway (natural killer cells) which are potent killer immune cells that seek out cells with viruses and viral proteins on/in them and functions to destroy them. After this, if there remains enough stimulus (virus infected cells), it may instruct the T helper cells to invoke the Th 2 pathway to generate B cells that make antibodies.

Let us game this out if the first exposure is to vaccine. If the initial priming/exposure is via vaccine (and not infection in the respiratory tract), then the helper T-cell immune response would be biased (switched) toward a Th 2 B-cell and antibody response and a more limited Th1 CD 8+ cytotoxic T cell response at the localized native site of infection. We may convince the immune system to do this if the first exposure is via vaccine. The immune system is forced to choose between Th 1 and Th 2 responding, and that such differentiation is permanent.  It is ‘learning’ potentially that anytime you are exposed to the virus (antigen and in this case that spike protein) in the wild (or similar virus), that it should switch to the Th 2 pathway and make less Th 1 cytotoxic immunity (that you actually need) because you have taken the vaccine and this is how the immune system initially responded. It was ‘prejudiced’ or primed in that antibody production direction.

The immune system is forced to switch between Th 1 and Th 2 immune responding pathways and if it does respond systemically with antibodies (if your first exposure is vaccine), then when you are indeed infected in the future with the virus as a localized respiratory tract infection, your immune system would be responding wrong (disturbed) and not with the cytotoxic CD 8+ response that is actually (optimally) needed at the local site of infection (respiratory tract). In other words, the signals sent to the immune system says to produce B cells and antibodies and not the needed cytotoxic natural killer cells at the local site of infection to begin clearing out the local site of infection. The immune system technically is not doing anything wrong. It learnt the response. It was ‘primed’ to behave this way.

The result is that the respiratory tissue (lungs) become more infected (as the cytotoxic cells are not there or not enough of it is produced to clear the infection) and sicker and sicker and the infected vaccinated person could be very infected with more and more virus as the CD 8+ cytotoxic response is diminished or maybe non-existent. This could become even worse with more subsequent exposure which is likely to happen when we are vaccinating in the midst of a pandemic with circulating pathogen. The vaccinated person would be then potentially becoming very ill and at the same time, amassing massive viral load and capability of shedding/transmitting virus. So, the infection is building up in the local tissues (the primary site of infection) and not being cleared by the cytotoxic response which has been tamped down. This is our hypothesis and may help explain the data we are seeing out of UK with deaths not only in the vulnerable unvaccinated but in the vaccinated. This is a real problem if this is indeed what is occurring. In other words, it is not the type of variant etc., it is the immune system just reacting wrong when you are actually exposed to the wild type virus given the initial exposure was vaccine.

A systemic presentation (due to the vaccine) must necessarily reduce Th 1 response as it drives Th 2 response, allowing not only increased shedding, but eventually driving a pathogen that would naturally not rapidly disseminate, and certainly not before it was eradicated, into an uncheckable pathogen that would more rapidly and dependably disseminate (the issue of penetrance is of consideration too), further driving progressive Th 2 differentiation, reduced Th 1 response, until eventually the infection would not have any meaningful Th 1 response. The result is the lungs are very sick and destroyed and the upper limit of Th 2 response is reached. Then we would see not only spread to the naïve unvaccinated, but increased death in the vaccinated, who would never recover with proper immune response as the immune system ‘learns’ the initial sub-optimal incorrect response (away from CD 8+ cytotoxic responding) and responds in that direction with subsequent exposure/boosting. Boosting will be devastating for it will only drive this deranged (incorrect) immune response and it will build and build and the vaccinated will get sicker and sicker (inflammatory cytokine response etc.) for there is no Th 1 cytotoxic response available. There is no or limited capacity to clear out the local respiratory site of infection and now the virus has spread getting deeper into the lungs and may well get out of the lungs systemically that drives this anomalous responding even more. The immune system effectively learns to respond incorrectly and the result is the tissue in the respiratory tract/lungs getting more and more infected and sicker, and the vaccinated person at risk of severe illness as the vulnerable vaccinated is also at risk of infection and severe outcome. This model argues that even if the nearby unvaccinated has a robust immune system, it could be overwhelmed with virus from the vaccinated person who is shedding and churning out massive infection (as the CD 8+ pathways is stepped down). Both can become very ill and potentially die.