Tucker Carlson Claims U.S. Hates Russia Because It’s a ‘Christian’ Country, In Budapest Speech: ‘Dangerous and Insane’; in some sense Tucker is correct & we saw it play out with Obama & Iran etc.,

by Paul Alexander

Biden & Obama had an Iran fetish with a clear drive to ensure Iran got a nuclear bomb...we 'normal' people knew where that would end up; Obama's foreign policy punished nations against radical islam

No doubt to me it is more complex than this but Tucker is almost right, but there are other reasons. Too.

“That is exactly why they hate Russia,” he said.

He claimed that the reason some call Viktor Orbán a “Putin suck-up” is because “one thing that Russia and Hungary have in common is, a big part of the population identify as Christians.”


That Christian identity, he said, is “not fine with Washington at all.”

“It’s deeply offensive to see that alive in Europe,” he said. “And that is the core. It’s not rational. It’s, this is happening on a gut level, but it is expressed through policy.”