TURBO cancer from the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer): this is what TURBO cancer looks like and does; ‘It Was Just A Nightmare’: 16-year old Philadelphia Teen dies

by Paul Alexander

within 24 Hours Of Cancer Diagnosis; mRNA technology injection has subverted your immune system, wrecked it, damages P53 tumor suppressing protein, guardian of genome & Toll like receptors 7 & 8

TURBO cancers, which are blindingly rapid, vicious, from diagnosis to rapid metastasis, often death as soon as diagnosis. We are seeing cancers that are in remission flaring up, and metastasis happening at speeds never seen before. Why? Is it the COVID gene injection? All evidence suggests YES! When will they listen, when will the proper studies be done and when will this mRNA technology injection be stopped?

mRNA technology based gene injections appear to damage and subvert the P53 pathway and when there is cancer, the P53 pathway is hobbled. mRNA gene injection does this. The majority of the human cancer cells exhibit the inactivation of the P53 pathway. P53 tumoro suppressor protein play critical roles in DNA damage responses, apoptosis, autophagy, and cellular metabolism.




‘Kyle Limper died shortly after being diagnosed with leukemia on April 13.

A Philadelphia teen’s family is grieving after their son suddenly died just 24 hours after being diagnosed with cancer. 

Kyle Limper was a seemingly healthy 16-year-old, participating in several sports and consistently earning A’s at Penn Treaty High School until his family says he began complaining about back pain one day after a recent basketball game. 

He was taken to a hospital to be checked out and was told to come back in a few days if he began to feel worse, the teen’s father, Ken Limper, told Fox 29.’

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