'TURBO' cancers, defined as cancer with diagnosis to death in hours, days, or weeks; seeing rapid progression, aggressive, resistant! Makis is leading on muscle, bone, soft tissue, brain, blood, colon

by Paul Alexander

Huge praise to my colleague Dr. Makis, huge praise for TWC to take him on as a director for the Canadian arm, he is principled, honest, a true solider & smart as a whip! humbles me!

Whatever TWC (TWC.health) is building, it is something and more than most or any who latched onto COVID to purely agrandize and enrich themselves, so I am inspired and grateful to be part of it with McCullough and Risch and Amerling and Gessling and Ponesse and Hodkinson and Trozzi and Makis (and me) et al. Leadership Peter, Brandon, Foster, Gaby et al.

Issue at hand?


‘We continue to see COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated young people come down with extremely aggressive cancers that are resistant to conventional cancer treatments, and that are fatal within months, weeks, days and sometimes even hours.’

We are also seeing a dramatic surge in ‘rapidly progressive breast cancers, lung cancers, gallbladder cancers, pancreatic cancers, lymphomas’.

‘The Tragic story of 44 year old Ohio High school teacher Jeff Clark

Cincinnati, Ohio - Indian Hill High School's choir and theater director Jeff Clark died Tuesday after a short battle with colon cancer. (click here)

The turn in Jeff Clark's health began two months ago.

Clark had created a GoFundMe for his "unexpected healthcare needs," stating his life had "taken a drastic turn" since late March 2023. He was on a Europe trip with choir students when he started experiencing digestive issues.

"Through numerous tests that included blood work, ultrasound, MRI, CT scans, and a colonoscopy, we learned the devastating news that I have colon cancer that has metastasized as 3 tumors in my liver"

Biopsy and rapid progression:

He discovered the primary tumor was colon cancer after a biopsy on May 19, 2023. His loved ones described the cancer as “extremely fast growing.” (click here)

Despite continued biopsies, treatments and therapies, Clark said his health continued to decline. (click here)

The district said Jeff Clark died Tuesday (June 6, 2023) after being transferred into hospice following a complicated surgery due to his advanced stage four colon cancer. (click here)

Indian Hill High School's Principal Jeff Damadeo aggressively pushed COVID-19 vaccines in his school:

COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
Turbo Colon Cancer - diagnosis to death in 3 weeks, the tragic story of a 44 year old Ohio High school teacher Jeff Clark - there are many such reported cases after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination
According to doctors who have been pushing toxic, experimental COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines cannot cause aggressive cancers, which have been called “turbo cancers”. Yet, we continue to see COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated young people come down with extremely aggressive cancers…
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