TWEET, The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), what a bunch of idiotic dolts, hypocrites!!! These nut balls, same group that ensured & went along with doctors NOT using early treatment drugs

by Paul Alexander

These hypocrites talk about criminalizing healthcare? What about going after doctors that use early treatment and write exemptions? Patient-physician relationship? AAFP saying this? What relationship?

Depend on your physicians? Since when? Doctors left patients out to dry and DIE with no early treatment and forcing the deadly ineffective COVID injections on them. Those doctors? We have heard doctors were incentivized to give the deadly jabs. We need this investigated. We have heard doctors got fake blank vaccine cards, those who in certain States in US, did not want the jab and the hospitals did not want to suspend them out of the loss of staff strength. Informed by evidence? You damn hypocrites. That’s how you USED to practice medicine, empiric decisions, treat the patient, do not send them home to ‘wait and see’ until their lips turned blue and die! Without the threat of punishment? Come on AAFP, you hypocrites.