Twitter: IMO Twitter operated as an arm, a solider for the democratic party & with other fraud legacy media, & with Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Francis Collins, deepstate, RINOs, to topple Trump; they did!

by Paul Alexander

POTUS Trump, IMO, never understood how much he was being hollowed out from 'inside the house'; from the people he appointed and Twitter & Facebook & Youtube etc. worked to topple him!

He was conspired against!

He was not re-elected, was he re-elected? Solen or tampered with votes on election night is one dimension of the debate. Credible too. There is the other, and with the censorship that was imposed and the lockdown lunacy Fauci and Birx implemented, he could not win! It was the perfect storm against him and he never had at least one elderly Statesman in Washington, somewhere, even on election night, to stand up from time to time to regain order. To represent him. Like a James Baker III. Just someone who could demand respect and command on both sides. Who knew Washington. He was fighting the DC filth on his own. I give him deep credit. Yet I do not take away the responsibility he has as then leader, for the lockdown lunacy we lived. It was all a catastrophic failure.

If he Trump has a 2nd shot and he gets the nod and I will support him, he has to redo everything he did and shed himself of every single person in his administration from the past. Trust none. This is not dolly house, this is no game, we have a nation and world to save with a democrat party and republicans (some) who work with them to destroy America.


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