TWITTER, why has TWITTER not stopped child sex abuse material from it's accounts? "On Musk's Twitter, users looking to sell and trade child sex abuse material are still easily found"; over to you Elon

by Paul Alexander

Elon Must said he would combat child exploitation on the platform. He has not! It still exists in bold! This is a crime! Musk said it was "Priority # 1"; but it appears it's NOT! Again, your move Elon

‘“Priority #1,” Musk called it in a Nov. 20 tweet. He’s also criticized Twitter’s former leadership, claiming that they did little to address child sexual exploitation, and that he intended to change things.’

‘Twitter accounts that offer to trade or sell child sexual abuse material under thinly veiled terms and hashtags have remained online for months, even after CEO Elon Musk said he would combat child exploitation on the platform.’

In an email to NBC News after this article was published, Ella Irwin, Twitter’s vice president of product overseeing trust and safety, said “We definitely know we still have work to do in the space, and certainly believe we have been improving rapidly and detecting far more than Twitter has detected in a long time but we are deploying a number of things to continue to improve.”’

I say not good, no where good enough. This is a failure by TWITTER. Musk is hands on and in this, he must take the wheel.

Musk must make good on this promise for any form of child exploitation, abuse, harms etc. must be met with strong immediate action and punishment. No matter who is involved, and Musk is in a unique position now to make good on this. We know that many élite, connected, and high-society people, Hollywood people, government people and by this we may infer congress people, senators, MPs, MPPs, even actual leaders may delve in child exploitation and abuse. We find them out, expose them, and punish them. Children depend on us to safeguard and protect them.


But since that declaration, at least dozens of accounts have continued to post hundreds of tweets in aggregate using terms, abbreviations and hashtags indicating the sale of what Twitter calls child sexual exploitation material, according to a count of just a single day’s tweets. The signs and signals are well known among experts and law enforcement agencies that work to stop the spread of such material.

The tweets reviewed by NBC News offer to sell or trade content that is commonly known as child pornography or child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The tweets do not show CSAM, and NBC News did not view any CSAM in the course of reporting this article.’