Two men, two male cheats cycling as females, like Lia Thomas who is male, a full grown man dominating women swimmers, he is a cheat, a pervert, like these 2 male cyclists; note the 'real' woman, photo

by Paul Alexander

she is the only real woman, only female here and is tending to her sick and twisted and perverted this madness is...these are male cheats and sickos IMO...not females, like Lia Thomas

These 2 male freaks placed 1st and 2nd…why can’t these ding dong clowns, these loser freakshows go cycle against men? What is stunning are the female ‘woke’ nutballs who cheer on for Lia and these blockhead cyclist males…they are destroying themselves, their own destruction…they are losing income, careers, scholarships etc. why? after fighting this hard?



Biological males win women's cycling event, kiss while third place female cares for child