UK and women giving birth: look at April, May, June 2021 (2nd column from left) versus April, May, June 2022 in UK, what do you see in women giving birth? You see clear steep declines. Why? Vaccine?

by Paul Alexander

I cannot find more updated data from UK so what do you think? What happened in UK from peak in July 2021 when women were getting their COVID gene injections & boosters? 15.3% drop June to June

Maybe vaccine? Or women have decided the clot shot is too dangerous to them and to developing child in utero and infant?

Would the CDC or FDA in America even consider this as well as the British government? Can they at least open a debate on this? Would this data be mainstream to inform public? Do you see the decline across 2022, steady? Why do you think? The purist would say “Paul, this is associational and you have not shown causation”. I agree, but in epidemiology especially when we have observational data, it can be as potent as controlled studies for we can match the tenets of Bradford Hill and criteria for causation e.g. temporality, association, consistency, biological plausibility etc. Always remember that, go back to Bradford Hill and the criteria and see if what you are looking at can be fitted to that criteria and you will be amazed how you can take simple data and make a cogent case for causation, even if not trial level data.

‘The Bradford Hill criteria include nine viewpoints by which to evaluate human epidemiologic evidence to determine if causation can be deduced: strength, consistency, specificity, temporality, biological gradient, plausibility, coherence, experiment, and analogy.’

Would the media ask this question? I don’t think so. Only you, you here with your critical thinking skills do understand and would want to know why. You all should be given real honor prizes for you withstood this lie! And we will NOT cave.


See second column from left, does this data look normal to you? There is an over 15% decline June 2021 to June 2022, absolute numbers. Do you see it (43,723 to 37,037)? What can you think of in UK (as in other western nations) that is associated with this steady decline in women giving birth? What was uniformly applied in western nations and at the same time?