UK & Australia: what is happening as to new infections & cases? look at excess deaths in both nations; look at Japan & South Africa cases? why the difference? look at excess mortality above 0% line

by Paul Alexander

Did you whisper "Dr. Alexander, come on, it's the vaccine that is driving variants & viral immune escape & vaccinated becoming infected due to original antigenic sin & antibody dependent enhancement

Did you remind us that infections and cases are surging in highly vaccinated nations as we told you it would? Did you say that nations that used early treatment and prophylaxis feared best? Did you say that it is the vaccine that is sub-optimal and non-lethal to the virus that is driving selection pressure on the antigen and thus selection of more infectious (and potentially more virulent) variants to emerge? That the pandemic will never end once we keep these vaccines going?

Then, grasshopper, you could leave the temple! You can now leave!

Australia suffered 15x more Excess Deaths in the first 7 months of 2022 than it did in the whole of 2020