UK COVID cases; notice not coming down to baseline & lots of virus hanging around; the new uptick should be kept in view; recent reports of the virus becoming more 'dangerous' (BA 4 & BA 5 & BA.5.1)

by Paul Alexander

We have prior explained that we may soon face, due to the failed, ineffective, sub-optimal COVID vax Abs putting selection pressure on the spike, not just infectious but dangerous, virulent variants

We have gravely underestimated the interplay between the population-level immune pressure (from mounting vaccinal antibodies) and the evolutionary dynamics of the virus. The virus-host immune ecosystem and to consider one without the other is very myopic and wrong. What we are talking about with these COVID shots has near nothing to do with factors intrinsic to the virus only. We mean factors extraneous to the virus that places it under pressure. We underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to respond to the immune pressure placed on it.

Our fear (GVB) was that with the non-sterilizing mRNA ‘leaky’ and ‘imperfect’ vaccines being unable to eliminate the virus (stop infection or transmission), that the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies (Abs) induced by the vaccines, would place selection pressure on the spike protein and drive infectious variants but also more virulent more lethal variants. We have been seeing with omicron, enhanced facilitated infection in the upper respiratory tract (URT) whereby the vaccinal Abs could bind to spike but not eliminate the virus, yet could facilitate infection.

At the same time, the same non-neutralizing vaccinal Abs are working in the lower respiratory tract (LRT), deep inside the lung to prevent transection (from infected cells to uninfected cells). The vaccinal Abs block infection and thus severe illness. Thus we have been experiencing increased infectiousness (URT) yet less virulence/severity (LRT). This could soon change and we may be seeing the tip in UK whereby the sub-optimal immune pressure on virulence (in the LRT) would cause the virus to overcome the pressure and select for variants that do not block transfection but facilitate it, thus resulting in severe disease.

The continuation of the mass vaccination using non-neutralizing COVID vaccines is setting us up for disaster.


New Covid wave explained as virus now 'more dangerous' and top 3 UK hotspots revealed

“It looks as though these things are switching back to the more dangerous form of infection, so going lower down in the lung,” Dr Stephen Griffin, a virologist at the University of Leeds, told the Guardian.

It was asked that I plot UK vs Sweden: