UK COVID data from PHE (Public Health England); week 3 vs week 13 infection data; can you see where in the 18-29 year old band, infections were higher in UNVACCINATED wk 3 but reversed wk 13; why?

by Paul Alexander

Do you see transition whereby the vaccine is causing younger & younger to be susceptible to infection, where vaccine facilitates infection; 40-49 yr old, vax to unvax 1.55:1 (wk 3) vs 4.14:1 (wk 13)?

Can you see that across time, as we continued the vaccine program, that the risk of infection in the vaccinated escalates dramatically, using the 40-49 year old group, we see markedly more infection in the recent week 13 vs the past week 3 data. In other words, as time has gone by, the vaccinated are becoming more infected and what we are literally seeing in the infection/case curves is that there are:

i) peaks that show decline but do not return to the prior baseline, in other words the base of the valley is higher than the prior curves base

ii) the curves are closer together, and as such, coming faster

iii) the peaks are noticeably higher than prior peaks

Let us look more closely at week 3 vs the most recent week 13 infection data:

Week 3

Cases reported by specimen date between week 51 2021 (w/e 26/12/21) and week 02 2022 (w/e 16/01/22)


Week 13

Cases reported by specimen date between week 9 2022 (w/e 6 March 2022) and week 12 2022 (w/e 27 March 2022)