UK COVID vaccine data weeks 3-13 (March, 2022) showed us IMO where mRNA injections subverted/damaged the innate immune system in unvaccinated persons, even damaging the 'trained' innate antibodies

by Paul Alexander

UK stopped reporting week 14 (2022), but from week 11 to 13, cases went up in unvaccinated; why? there was steady decline week by week before week 11, both in vaxx & unvaxed; so why the increase?

We see in the UK data vaccine data, definitive (stopped reporting in March for it was so very devastating) that 18-29 years olds and age bands above, there is a roughly 3 x risk of infection post shot in triple vaccinated (boosted) over unvaccinated.

The behavior is to pretend the data just does not exist.

I am making the argument that at week 11th, end of March or so 2022, in the UK, the mRNA exerted a damaging effected of some sort on the innate immune system. We knew that the non-neutralizing vaccine induced antibodies (Abs) were binding to the virus’s spike but not eliminating the virus, and in fact, enhancing/facilitating infection of the vaccinated person.

Yet if you look at the week to week data form week 3 to week 10, you see that the vaccinated is getting infected yet the rates are coming down to week 10. Yet in the vaccinated, the case rates jump from week 11.

Is this original antigen sin (OAS) (pathogenic priming) and ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) in full glare? Such that the case rise from week 11 coincides with the surging of omicron (sub-variants??) sufficiently different that they would escape the Abs and would challenge the natural innate immunity? Not breach but challenge. I have always argued that natural immunity was not breached, but re-challenged, and thus why mild illness and recovery is seen. Moreover, is this the point (week 10-11) where increased enhancement/facilitation of infection by the vaccinal antibodies in the vaccinated occurs? Potentially this surge in infection in the vaccinated caused the unvaccinated to be infected? Thus more infection in circulation and thus the unvaccinated got infected?

But then what about their trained innate Abs? See why I argue something happened to the innate immune system at week 10...

We have theorized that with ‘training’ over time of the innate Abs in the unvaccinated, and with circulating pathogen (infectious pressure) and thus exposure, that the unvaccinated would benefit from the Ab training, and as such be better able to withstand the infectious pressure from the virus and handle it/eliminate the virus. The training of the innate Abs in the unvaccinated would allow for the Abs to increase its affinity for the spike antigen (more readily bind) and thus not so easily or readily be outcompeted by the vaccinal Abs. The theory also is that the training also facilitates the innate B 1 cells in producing innate Abs with more ready affinity for the spike antigen.

Yet, if you look at the week 11 data below, in both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and move forward to week 13, something happened and I argue that the innate Abs (innate immune system response) was damaged there in the unvaccinated for there to be such an increase in case rates week 11 onwards after such a steady decline across time, after benefitting from the innate Abs training. I can understand the vaccinated case surge but the unvaccinated surge is very intriguing and alarming.

Is this the point that the innate immune system was subverted? Was it permanent subversion of the innate immune response in unvaccinated? As mentioned, if you look at the table at the bottom of the listing first (week 3), you can plot the infection risk progression downward and then week 11 the increase begins.

12 weeks of UK COVID infection data in the era of Omicron and it is revealing. What happened at week 10 so that from week 10, infections in the unvaccinated went up? Starting from week 3 (I decided to start from there and go to week 13 as this is when UK stopped reporting the granular tabular data); why did the UK stop reporting at week 13? Was it because the data showed the dramatic increase in infection in the vaccinated (at week 11) but then suddenly the unvaccinated also? Did same damage in the unvaccinated happen in vaccinated in terms of damage to the immune system? What?

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 13 31 March 2022

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