UK data: 78% of deaths (28 d) reported in 4th weekly report PHE are in vaccinated; NOT the unvaccinated as Biden & the media & the CDC and NIH wants you to believe...I refer to 28 & 60 day mortality

by Paul Alexander

It is not only massive escalations in infection in vaccinated but also vaccinated are getting sicker, hospitalized, & dying alarmingly...cant say many elderly died unvaxxed, they are too frail for vax

Raw numbers as they tell a story too and UK’s data is very granular and this is the 4th week 2022 data (> 18 years of age as the numbers less than 18 are too small to make a meaningly impact IMO):

28 day mortality:

Unvaccinated vs vaccinated (1,2,3 doses combined): 78% of deaths 28 day mortality in vaccinated.

60 day mortality: unvaccinated vs vaccinated (1,2,3 doses combined): 79% of deaths 60 day mortality in vaccinated.


a) 28 day mortality

b) 60 day mortality

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report - week 4 (