UK monkeypox cases soar by 32% to hit 1,000 – as health officials tell infected ‘stay at home; "Currently the majority of cases have been in men who are gay, bisexual or have sex with men...anyone

by Paul Alexander

who has had close contact with an individual with symptoms is also at increased risk." 99.7% males, median age 36, "If you are attending large events over the summer or having sex with new partners...


“If you are attending large events over the summer or having sex with new partners, be alert to any monkeypox symptoms so you can get tested rapidly and help avoid passing the infection on.”

Notice, when you read this in UK, and same in US etc. by CDC and WHO etc., there is no clear direction that sexual contact must stop. They will not tell the Gay and bisexual community what they need to hear and know to help them, no no no…they would prevent you from even burying parents during COVID, you could not go to school and businesses closed, people committed suicide over lockdowns and school closure devastating effects, a situation where you looked well, had no symptoms, were feeling fine, was not even positive for COVID with the fraud PCR test, yet they told you that you were ‘asymptomatic’ so you need to lock down…but the Gay population is hands off…

I am saying that CDC and NIH and WHO want this to spread to the low risk general population, to the heterosexual community, it has to be, they cannot be that stupid and inept, so I can only think now it’s malfeasance and they certainly have no care for the Gay community. Like for HIV, the public health at CDC and NIH and NIAID are playing political correctness and games. The Gay population does not matter, politics does.

I am telling the Gay community, bisexual men, please, have zero, none, no sexual or intimate skin to skin contact for the next 3 weeks. Zero. If you want to help end this outbreak, you must cut the chain of transmission. It is the only way. Not about protected sex here. Nothing. You are immune compromised due to the COVID injections you were mandated to take. You are at risk. They are not telling you.