UK today: how come? most people are vaccinated and most boosted (3rd shot) especially seniors; so how come? is it vaccinal Abs subverting INNATE Abs from eliminating virus? damaging immune system?

by Paul Alexander

The vaccinal Abs do not stop infection or transmission and are subverting the innate this the reason? this is potentially devastating, we need to study this asap...Geert is right again

We argued one year ago that the vaccinal antibodies (Abs) are sub-optimal and will damage the immune system (acquired and innate) and I am afraid we may be seeing this now. We need to stop these Pfizer vaccines, Moderna etc. Stop them. I argue it is the vaccine that is causing the rise in infections and thus hospitalization and subsequent deaths.

Look at France and infections/cases? How about Ireland and its hospitalizations? Why? This to me looks like pure vaccine failure and a huge problem globally.