UKRAINE: China remains the US's major geopolitical challenge and problem, NOT Russia; it is imperative that US & others ensure that Ukraine does NOT fall to Russia; why? China is watching Taiwan!

by Paul Alexander

I have no interest in Ukraine, not a national security interest, its Europe's problem, but we the US are committed to not one nation dominating Europe; but the real threat is China re Taiwan!

China seeks to rule the world and many nations are not playing for second place also…they want to rule. We must ensure a strong prosperous India as a check on China, and we must ensure Ukraine does not fall to Russia as a blatant defeat as China will take that as weakness and move on Taiwan!

This is how I look at it and I have had some serious debate with scholars in this area beyond me and most. I wanted to be schooled up.

This is just my opinion and you may have yours and we are to respect each other as free people.

I will never ever support socialism or communism in any form, manner, shape. Ever! It is punitive, poisonous, and destructive, destroys the soul and destroys people. It is always about the consent of the governed!

There is no nation like the US, the greatest, best promise, beacon of hope for tomorrow with all of its own challenges. The flag, the anthem, the military, our police, our borders, all of it. I will defend America. I have pledged allegiance to 2 flags US and Canada. Canada is unique to me, sweet Canada I will always love. I will defend. It, Canada, is misguided at present politically and deranged as it is ascribing to a socialist communistic type of government. I do not support that and am hoping the people wake up soon! The Ontario government under Ford talks conservatism but governs as a leftist liberal near autocrat socialist. I do not support him, he has changed. I did vote for him. I will never again, any conservative people in the present Ontario government, its all a lie!