Ukrainian President Zelensky’s Wife Goes to Paris and Begs for Money and Goods Then Reportedly Goes on 40,000 Euro € Shopping Spree IN ONE HOUR! hmm, smells of Imelda Marcos, even Ceaucescus, leeches!

by Paul Alexander

Europeans do not know how they will make it through the winter but we may be looking at Imelda 2.0; lets hope this reporting is false, let us hope for these people must get not 1 cent of US tax money

People in Europe, Ukraine freezing to death, have no homes, war torn, yet you hit up the ritzy EURO stores for the tune of 40,000 in one hour? You made even Imelda blush.

Let us not conclude, let us see if more intel emerges but does not look right and if so, this is very very wrong for this person is spending donor tax payer money, likely US tax payer money. This whole Ukraine issue is a huge fraud on the US tax payer and the FTX Sam issue appears to have been a huge Ukraine Democrat party money laundering scheme, worse than Madoff’s Ponzi, just outright theft and pilfering of unsuspecting people. Issue is high level people in both democrat and republican party and high level high society elites in US (ssshhhh, some big name sports starts and Hollyweird people) benefitted from the fraud crook Sam and his crypto Puerto Rico crooks with tales of pedophilia et al. They knew, they did not care, as long as you take my 10 million and turn it into 100 million, we know people get 0.000025% on their bank deposits but you give us 1000% return etc. and ssshhhh, we will ask no questions for we know you really giving us other ‘unsuspecting’ people money, stupid idiots they are, ha ha ha, but ssssshhhhh, “we in on the thing too’, we high-rollers, we big crooks, high-crime bandits but it stays between us, just run the money! and if they catch you, we in congress will make it go away, you Sam may need to do a small pinch but you will get to keep most stashed away somewhere”….Hope this is properly investigated for they ran this like how they ran the COVID pandemic, from virus manufacture and release to pandemic lockdown lunacy to fraud ineffective COVID injections.


IMO, if Sam Bankman-Fried does not sing openly in a live interview now, he is a dead man walking. Kevlar up brother. Go ask Epstein. And I think the only reason Maxwell is alive today is because her black book is copied multiple times, good for you girl, and shared widely for ‘safe keeping’. Those who benefitted from the fraud will not let him testify, if it was getting there. Someone will call in Kilary et al. for a favour.

‘However, social media has erupted today after a “reliable store clerk” working on the ritzy Avenue Montaigne, has reported that Olena Zelenska went on a Christmas shopping spree spending €40,000 euros in an hour. (citation) Previously President Zelenskyy’s wife was received by French first lady Bridget Macron.

If the reporting is accurate, the spending spree comes at a bad time optically, as Mrs. Zelenska’s husband Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is simultaneously asking the European Union to provide more financial support for the embattled country.’