UNIPARTY, democrat & republicans are the same, pure same & selling us down the river over UKRAINE; a lie! not one more dollar to this fraud Zelenskyy; is this really US fighting Russia? Stew Peters!

by Paul Alexander

send my American troops? our blood to shed for your sh*t? your fever? NEVER! Ukraine is a money laundering scheme, corrupt ruthless filth leaders & dems & repubs making money! selling us away!

find the bioweapons facilities, find them, find the biolabs. answers are there.

IMO, this has more to do with the west, what we are doing to destroy Russia.

Ukraine is a pure fraud nation and has been a slush fund for crooks in the Republican and Democrat party. For decades.

Is Stew onto something here? I listened and lots here is bang on!

Is Russia a bad nation? Is Putin? I do not know.

Why is Biden et al. taking us to WW III?