United Arab Emirates as example; one wave after the other & as you see the downward slope does not rejoin baseline, waves are more rapid, means massive infectious pressure in environment remains

by Paul Alexander

Leveling off above baseline; the virus is near completely resistant now to non-neutralizing antibodies; vaccinated susceptible to infection; we are seeing a potentially devastating issue where....

These failed COVID vaccines must be stopped NOW! Never in children, not needed, children are very low risk, and the vaccine skews ONLY to harms in children.

The COVID non-sterilizing vaccines have taken a pandemic that WAS over to place us into a situation where it is now NOT over, it will go on for 100 years if the vaccine is not stopped. These non-sterilizing vaccines are driving variant after variant. We are trying to discuss and deal with this virus without understanding and appreciating the virus-host immune system interplay. It is the pressure, sub-optimal pressure being placed on the spike, that is not eliminating the virus, yet ‘pressuring it’, driving selection pressure for infectious variants (and potentially a virulent one), that is the gravest concern and if we do not reduce the infectious pressure (circulating virus) and keep with these failed vaccines and sub-optimal mass vaccination pressure, then the future with COVID is potentially very serious with variant after variant and potentially very severe disease.


Have we seen ever, a prior vaccine that enhances infection in the vaccinated but protects against severity of disease? Both at once? Does not protect against mild moderate disease but does protect against severe disease? Protects against severe disease while you can be infected, are more susceptible to Omicron e.g. BA 4 and BA 5? And other variants.

The situation is now very atypical. We must be concerned. How can there be high infectious pressure yet mild disease? There is near no neutralizing antibodies against omicron but there is now non-neutralizing antibodies that are enhancing infection in the vaccinated.

see Yahi et al.:

Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?

GVB seems to be prescient on this.