"United States is 'out of the pandemic phase,' Fauci says", this lilliputian knows and knew this was a fraud and some day he and all like him WILL be investigated; NO, we never forget and we jail them

by Paul Alexander

This statement by means they know the gig is up; if Trump or DeSantis, we hold proper inquires & JAIL all who did wrong; Fauci, Francis Collins, Bourla of Pfizer, Bancel of Moderna, lock them all up!

If Trump or DeSantis, they must commit to hold serious legal inquiries and jail all, all who did wrong. POTUS Trump needs to explain why he did not fire this fraud Fauci day 1. And how he allowed Bourla of Pfizer and Azar and others to deceive him with the operation warp speed (OWS) garbage, it is and was a disaster, and that is the reason we are in the mess we are in not just US but globe. We are waiting. We are in the disaster on mandates, all of it, because of OWS.

This is about greed, money, power, drunk power, and idiots, morons, inept illogical people like this Fauci and Birx and many in Trump’s Task Force (save Giroir) and many in Biden’s, people who profited in some manner and we need to know who and how. You know I don’t play with words and I ain’t no one suck up sycophant, I am not coddling no one’s nuts in my hands, I lost lots standing up against the lockdown and vaccine wrongs as has others you know, and we will not let these people like the lilliputian go nicely into the sunset until we investigate all their lockdown policies etc. Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins, these three with Fauci first under oath, and separate…separate courts at the same time so they do not hear each other’s testimony.


United States is 'out of the pandemic phase,' Fauci says

Why? For when this fraudster says in one interview that natural infection is the best immunity and you do not need a vaccine, for influenza, then operates in COVID as if natural immunity is nothing, and helps mandate people to take that vaccine that killed thousands, then if we can show he was reckless and knew what they were doing wrong in COVID and the lockdowns and vaccines, we jail him, no matter if in a wheelchair, we take every cent and jail him, all like him! They have harmed our police and military, many who were mandated and did it to keep jobs, I know enough of these vaccines, many will die in the future due to the vaccines, the mRNA vaccines…I am so outraged and I plead with them, take no more, no boosters, NONE. And we will ensure we hold these people to account legally for our police and military and border agents etc. for our fire fighters, for all the very best among us, our nurses.

This bitch Fauci, this demon knew that if COVID recovered, we needed no vaccine, we even excluded them from the registrational trials, this bitch, so we hold him to account. Proper legal inquiries. Proper, proper for plaintiffs and defendants.