United States Navy COVID-19 Vaccine Separations Continue, Except for Those With Religious Exemption Requests; US Navy continue removing US sailors who refuse the COVID gene injection; only in the US

by Paul Alexander

Other nations e.g. China et al. laugh at the US, you are so damn woke you & your darth vader military chief of staff that you are hurting the nation with these 'separations'; DARTH VADER Lloyd Austin

I mean, what is Austin thinking? Who put him up to this? This guy is the lauging stock of the world and someone here, one of our tremendous supporters wrote this and it iso tragic and funny all at once, I have to post it up here for it is true:

“US Navy is now run by The Village People.

They can't even steer their ships properly without running into other ships.”

These sailors are God damn right to refuse and if it means lose your career, you will see in time, it was the best decision you ever made. 100% there are thousands of our service men and women and precious police, law enforcement, border agents who are vaccine injured and they even know it. I hope they do not forget who MADE them do this. We want accountability. Ballot box, courts, we punish Fauci and Bourla and Birx and Walensky and all in the Trump and Biden administration who did this, even if they pass away naturally, we impose jail sentences posthumously. We never stop!


Navy COVID-19 Vaccine Separations Continue, Except for Those With Religious Exemption Requests

The bitches at CDC and NIH and FDA and Fauci and Walensky and Francis Collins and CEO’s Bourla and Bancel know the COVID vaccine was fraudulently developed with the fraud vaccine data for EUA, is ineffective, fails complete on omicron, is harmful causing negative efficacy and deaths, yet are still mandating these shots and now the fraud bi-valent booster that will also fail. These demons went from boost every year to 6 months to 4 months to 3 months to 2 months…it’s insane for you are now caught on the booster treadmill and you the vaccinee cannot get off.