United States Securities and Exchange Commission; Pfizer checked off — 17 CFR § 240.12d2-2; why? what is this move, there is a reason, companies like this don't act this way without a reason....

by Paul Alexander

Pfizer seeks to remove from listing &/or registration; why? is Pfizer trying to run now so that it is now held accountable for deaths due to its vaccine? I have said before, we need Bourla under oath

This is what removal via this application means :17 CFR § 240.12d2-2

17 CFR § 240.12d2-2 - Removal from listing and registration.

Is it because the Pfizer documents are coming into view now as have to release them?


But we did not need these…just look around you, you know the vaccines do not work and are harmful.

§ 240.12d2-2 Removal from listing and registration.

Preliminary Notes:

1. The filing of the Form 25 (Sec. 249.25 of this chapter) by an issuer relates solely to the withdrawal of a class of securities from listing on a national securities exchange and/or from registration under section 12(b) of the Act (15 U.S.C. 78l(b)), and shall not affect its obligation to be registered under section 12(g) of the Act and/or reporting obligations under section 15(d) of the Act (15 U.S.C. 78o(d)).

2. Implementation. The rules of each national securities exchange must be designed to meet the requirements of this section and must be operative no later than April 24, 2006. Each national securities exchange must submit to the Commission a proposed rule change that complies with section 19(b) of the Act (15 U.S.C. 78s) and Rule 19b-4 (17 CFR 240.19b-4) thereunder, and this section no later than October 24, 2005.

(a) A national securities exchange must file with the Commission an application on Form 25 (17 CFR 249.25) to strike a class of securities from listing on a national securities exchange and/or registration under section 12(b) of the Act within a reasonable time after the national securities exchange is reliably informed that any of the following conditions exist with respect to such a security:

(1) The entire class of the security has been called for redemption, maturity or retirement; appropriate notice thereof has been given; funds sufficient for the payment of all such securities have been deposited with an agency authorized to make such payments; and such funds have been made available to security holders.

(2) The entire class of the security has been redeemed or paid at maturity or retirement.

(3) The instruments representing the securities comprising the entire class have come to evidence, by operation of law or otherwise, other securities in substitution therefor and represent no other right, except, if such be the fact, the right to receive an immediate cash payment (the right of dissenters to receive the appraised or fair value of their holdings shall not prevent the application of this provision).

(4) All rights pertaining to the entire class of the security have been extinguished; provided, however, that where such an event occurs as a result of an order of a court or other governmental authority, the order shall be final, all applicable appeal periods shall have expired, and no appeals shall be pending.