'University of Toronto (UoT) drops vaccine mandate after being hit with human rights complaint'; Why? Because they had nothing and could not go through the full process for could not defend it

by Paul Alexander

This is a huge development; UoT, major medical school, ran for the hills, after punishing staff etc. with baseless leave without pay etc. ; shows they will abuse until you move stop them

I believe it was a pending complaint in front of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, filed by staff etc.

The issue is you cannot just talk about being angered and destroyed by their unscientific abusive power drunk mandate actions, you actually have to move to file complaints and take them into legal settings…at that time data and evidence will become part of the record and they had none, nothing, nothing other than ‘we are getting to keep our grants and salaries as long as we force you to take the vaccine and we are part of the malfeasance’, and a major medical school would look like the inept malfeasants they are. This is beyond ineptness, this is corruption and malfeasance.

Reference: University of Toronto


‘Roughly a month after a group of University of Toronto faculty submitted a formal human rights complaint seeking an end to the school’s vaccine mandate, the university announced it will be rescinding its COVID-related policies.  

“University of Toronto staff, students, and faculty presented a letter to the University of Toronto’s top administrators on February 16, 2022, prepared by counsel Mr. Courtney Betty and Mr. Glyn Hotz and sent on behalf of individuals affected by the university’s vaccination mandates. The letter outlines claims of the affected parties, many of whom have already been placed on 12-months unpaid leave, intend to make in a pending Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario Group Application. These claims are now being filed,” a group of faculty members revealed in a press release earlier this month.  

Less than two weeks after the complaint was filed, the University of Toronto updated its so-called COVID health guidelines, announcing that they will no longer be enforcing vaccine mandates or compulsory mask wearing on their campuses.  

“U of T will be pausing the following measures effective May 1, 2022: The requirement to complete health screening via UCheck prior to attending University premises, The requirement to be fully vaccinated for in-person activities on University premises, [and] The requirement to be masked in indoor University spaces, unless otherwise required,” the university said in an official statement this week.’  

My colleague reminded me about the many who were denied entrance to professional programs e.g. MD, LLB etc. due to their decision of no vaccine. Who will remedy that? What about those who were forced to take it to keep their job and now vaccine injured. They do not even know they are. Time will reveal their injuries and the issue is, how will they be compensated? Can you compensate for that? And those who actually died and were harmed directly by the vaccine. People have to pay for this.

We will write a full op-ed on this malfeasance by UoT. Other universities too. Look how good people’s reputations were smeared and slandered by these corrupted institutions. Now trying to slink away. NO. Point is, if this was credible, they would not drop it but they know it cannot stand up to proper scrutiny, once even a low-level traffic lawyer litigates. Once you push back, they run. We need the lawyers to grow a pair and start putting these malfeasants into courtrooms.

University of Toronto