Until proven otherwise, until JAMIE FOXX's medical team shows us that he had no myocarditis, no blood clots, no injuries from the COVID mRNA technology gene shot, no vaccine even, then assume it is

by Paul Alexander

vaccine; from all that I am seeing, given no intel on his vaccine status or myocarditis or blood clot situation & cause, given exploding strokes globally e.g. UK 2021 & 2022, then FOXX had vax stroke

People like FOXX must insist on D-Dimer test for blood clots, and high-sensitivity troponin test for heart damage, chest MRI with contrast, EKG etc.

People like FOXX must use spike protein detoxification to break down the lethal endothelial pathogen spike protein e.g. use NATTOKINASE (NATTO), the natural fibrinolytic blood thinner…