Until we know Jamie Foxx's COVID mRNA technology vaccine status, until we know he did not take it, until we know that myocarditis is ruled out, we must keep the COVID vaccine on the table as cause

by Paul Alexander

Lance Reddick; what killed him? Damar? what a tragedy, Jamie is a good actor, seems a great human being, I hope he & family & doctors will tell us the truth for he can be pivotal in the safety debate

Did Jamie have myocarditis? Blood clots?

I feel very sorry for him and all who have suffered as a result of the vaccine; no healthy person, in fact no one should have taken these fraud safety untested shots. None. No healthy child, no child.

The immune system of the unvaccinated, after over 3 years, is the prize. Your immune system. Unvaccinated. If you have been , it is now subverted and the issue is the extent. Praise yourself if you withstood the lockdown lunatic policies and the fraud vaccine.