Unvaccinated Blood: It is your right to demand and source unvaccinated blood now for yes, Igor is right, the blood supply is damaged now and high risk; I won't want blood from a vaccinated person

by Paul Alexander

Why would I want blood from someone who is a spike protein factory churning out spike protein 24/7 with inflamed blood vessels and micro clots; why? I want unvaccinated blood, so should you

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UPDATE: The Blood Supply Is Contaminated
From a previous article: And now we have the following developments: Demand for Unvaccinated Blood is Real -- Doctors Acknowledge Grumpily "Young Blood" transfusions for Billionaires may also be Affected by Igor Chudov Here’s a Vice News article about new blood banks set up to provide unvaccinated blood…
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Why would you avoid the risk of the spike protein from the COVID fraud injection then get it with donated blood? Autologous blood (you save your own blood for your own self, future needs) is the way we go now.

I think that there is (or soon will be) a push to set up a separate blood system and people usually store their own blood (autologous blood) for if and when needed. Something to think about as an unvaccinated person if planning some surgery or will need in time. Why? To this day, we have no idea what is coming next with the effects of these fraud COVID gene injections. Props to Igor for his piece on this.