Up yours you twisted freak, you want straight heterosexual men to date freak men 'wanna be women' like Bruce Jenner? Up yours! Never & you keep pushing, you go trouble the wrong straight man or child

by Paul Alexander

Up yours homie! The meme says that “98% of straight men are unwilling to date trans women because of hatred.” Hatred? You sicko, it's because you got a penis & you are a hard ass man! no women prison!

You freaks gonna touch the wrong man’s child and will then be schooled appropriately.

You are trying with the complicit media and woke nutjobs to mainstream mental sickness, yes, I am telling you, yes you Bruce Jenner and similar, you are sick in the head, go get help. You have serious mental issues. Stop preying on society and no, we will never ever mainstream you! Leave women alone, stop working to damage her status. You morons, you sickos will never ever be women. No matter how much Biden tells you that you are one. You have gotten too much air time as sick forces try to mainstream you. You need help!

And you low-life feral, bottom-dweller fecal untermensche media, US or Canada, take me on, write about me, let me come at your twisted freak asses and call you out by name, you sick freaks, you media you! You partook in deaths during COVID, you smeared good scientists and doctors who were only saving lives, you lied and worked with inept governments and their health officials to lie to the public and mislead especially on the lockdown lunacy and the fraud mRNA technology deadly gene injections. Many of you in media, at CNN, even at FOX, should be imprisoned for the lies for people listened and people died, and don’t you worry, we be investigating you.