Update: Dr. Paul Offit criticizes CDC & says a healthy person will not benefit from boosters CDC is trying to shove down your throat; CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is clueless, inept & LIES!

by Paul Alexander

Walensky openly lying about the science, pure boldfaced LAIR, she knows no study exists showing injection cuts severity or death; she disregards natural immunity & early treatment; Fauci: "No time"

It is clear Walensky has no clue about immunology and virology and what is happening with these COVID injections. She has totally disregarded the interplay between the virus and the population (host) immune response (immune system) and the capacity of this virus to adapt and evolve to the selection pressure placed on it.

She knows full well that this so called ‘updated’ booster is comprised of the Wuhan strain and the BA.4/BA.5 clades, and has no human data to support it. It is based on rodent data using 8 mice. That she in turn wishes to vaccinate 200 million human beings with. Let that sink in.


She knows the EUA approval by the FDA was based on a study that does not include the BA.4/BA.5 sub-variant clade, as it uses the BA.1 clade in the study. Yes, that is some human data but that is the BA.1 clade. Not the BA.4/BA.5 clade that the study should have been based on if it is the BA.4/BA.5 spike you were vaccinating against. She knows that we will be facing antibody dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) again (and ADE of disease) and original antigenic sin will play out.

Big props and praise for Offit for he is brave here standing against this insanity. He says a healthy person is unlikely to benefit from a booster dose. He is 100% correct.

I do not agree with most of what he ever says but here, I give him huge credit. I think he is trying to back out of the hole he is in for no matter how long it takes, we will get to these people in proper public legal hearings and inquiries e.g. people like Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Francis Collins etc. and he is one of them for his prior role in pushing this fraud injection that has killed so many. He knows it is deadly so now backtracking.

Fauci says too busy, no time for us to do any trials on the boosters, can you imagine that? And the FDA et al. sits back and listens to this fraud:

Dr. Anthony Fauci said there is no time to conduct clinical trials before making available newer COVID-19 booster shots.

"We don’t have time to do a clinical trial because we need to get the vaccine out now,” Fauci said on CBC this week, claiming about 400 Americans are dying per day with COVID-19, and thousands of others are in hospitals with the disease.