Update: Israeli study shows (preliminary) that Omicron antibodies could provide immunity against Delta too; remember, that you use nasal + oral wash (povidone iodine/h peroxide diluted 2-3 x day)

by Paul Alexander

We know based on all evidence thus far that Omicron is very mild, milder than the cold, non-lethal (S Africa and Danish data prove this), self limiting (1 day symptoms) even in elderly

First, Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year to all!

The nasal and oral hygiene is important for it kills these variants on the spot…diluted, swish and spit, nasal spray etc. no swallowing…but for this time, these are important and had the society done this day one, had we known, we would have stopped many of the severe illness and death. In fact it is more potent than early treatment drugs as it works as a potent prophylaxis.

We are in this battle together, regardless of politics and views, we have a serious battle on our hands to get out of the grips of these craven lockdown lunatics! They have power, drunk with it, and made loads of money, yes, lots of corrupted stolen money that I hope one day we get back…but put a pin in that for a moment…

I will write some update later as we have been debating back and forth today with top level immunologists and virologists on omicron…I have been pushing innate immunity and its power and role here and I learnt huge from Geert VDB and I want to share my updated thoughts and combined with his sharings too. I will write later but for this post its about a new Israeli study that indicates that Omicron antibodies could provide immunity against Delta.



Researchers concluded “Neutralization of Omicron increased 14-fold over this time, showing a developing antibody response to the variant. Importantly, there was an enhancement of Delta virus neutralization, which increased 4.4-fold. The increase in Delta variant neutralization in individuals infected with Omicron may result in decreased ability of Delta to re-infect those individuals. Along with emerging data indicating that Omicron, at this time in the pandemic, is less pathogenic than Delta, such an outcome may have positive implications in terms of decreasing the Covid-19 burden of severe disease.”

…The research, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, initially examined 15 people, some vaccinated and others not, who were infected with Omicron.

The scientists then took samples to see if those people would be able to neutralize Omicron and Delta 14 days later. Two cases were excluded from the study at this stage due to a lack of ability to neutralize Omicron at either the start or end of the research. Scientists found in the remaining 13 cases a 14-fold increase in ability to neutralize Omicron, as well as a 4.4-fold increase in ability to neutralize the Delta variant of the virus.

The study noted that some of the participants were vaccinated and many were also likely to have been previously infected with an earlier strain of the virus, meaning that the neutralization of Delta could not be definitively attributed to the Omicron infection.

“Participants in this study have likely been previously infected, and more than half were vaccinated. Therefore, it is unclear if what we observe is effective cross-neutralization of Delta virus by Omicron elicited antibodies, or activation of antibody immunity from previous infection and/or vaccination,” the study said.

“The increase neutralizing immunity against Omicron was expected — that is the virus these individuals were infected with,” Sigal tweeted. “However, we also saw that the same people — especially those who were vaccinated — developed enhanced immunity to the Delta variant.” Sigal said that if Omicron causes less severe disease, as researchers are cautiously saying, then the newer variant could help to displace Delta as the dominant strain if those infected with Omicron are then less likely to catch the earlier variant.

“If that’s true, then the disruption COVID-19 has caused in our lives may become less,” he said.