UPDATE on doctors in US receiving fake COVID vaccine cards who refuse vaccine and hospital CEOs/senior doctors do not want to suspend them due to mandates; discussion yesterday with 2

by Paul Alexander

I said I will update so here it is:

1)As I explained in a prior stack, several doctors practicing in XXX state in US, came forward during the Defeat the Mandates rally in LA, advising that they are aware (part of) a scheme in hospitals in XXX state that have given fake vaccine cards to doctors who refuse the vaccine that are mandated, and to ensure they are not laid off/suspended, they are given the fake cards by CEOs/senior doctors

2)They advised it is their firm belief that besides the multiple hospitals in their group, it is a practice that may transcend the US, across many states; they were very confident; they wanted to tell the nation and the hospitals and their senior leadership, about this scheme; about how they were offered the cards but refused; they felt it was very wrong to humanity and called the vaccine mandates etc. into serious doubt especially if this was being done whereby NO one was getting the vaccine because they may have felt it was unsafe; this was the concern, that what is happening if doctors know there is a problem with the vaccine and the doctors benefitted by not taking it or being mandated to take it, while ordinary societal persons were mandated to take the COVID vaccines and lost jobs when they refused; the biggest rate limiting step is their fear for safety (theirs and their families) and also their names and careers, if they come forward and this the reason it is not public knowledge yet

2)Our discussions have been ongoing since I shared the information on a prior stack, whereby the doctors in question want to come forward one day, then some pull back the other day in fear of safety and careers etc. The fear is real

3)As our talks continued, I have spoken to 2 such doctors yesterday May 15th who advised that regardless, they are coming forward

4)They asked me to seek out a media company and I have already lined that up; I shared that prior, a company that would be present when they speak

5)They asked yesterday to speak to several senators (I had already) and I have reached out to set this up; I reached out directly to senators who could help with confidentiality and safety etc. We also ensured that the information is handled already that it will come out

6)The doctors explained to me in a meeting yesterday that they desperately wish to come forward now and if some step back, that they do not care, it is the right thing to do for their society and they will still come forward on their own or as part of the group; I/we are working on this to have the meeting with US senators over the next days; fingers crossed it happens

Once all gets lined up, I can guarantee you they will be speaking to the press and media and giving out what has happened in their practice. You will learn about this sordid unfair practice, fully for if as they said, it blows the entire mandate vaccine issue wide open, it shows the fraud it is. This shows either we live in a society of a 2-tiered system where ‘all pigs are not equal’ or that there are serious concerns with the vaccine not only as to effectiveness but as to safety, and these doctors know it, that doctors know it; this raises so many issues that are so very troubling