UPDATE US Trucker convoy; today we depart at 10 am MARYLAND to head to DC beltway, no intent to enter DC & this is clearly told to truck captains; we worked with Maryland/DC and Virginia police

by Paul Alexander

Police cannot show a side as have to be neutral, the special agents from Maryland and Virginia police who came to the staging area MARYLAND worked with the leadership, were happy with the plan

The People’s Convoy. The lead Brian Brase is a very fine gentleman, I have come to know him. Veteran, lover of flag, nation, people, rights, freedom etc. Just a good man. The police in DC and Virginia have ben tremendous, sat with them for 5 hours yesterday, for planning, I must say. Exceptional. Supportive of the rights of free speech etc.

The key is no violence or unrest, there are no plans to enter DC by the People’s convoy and this has been told to all truckers, their captains etc. The plan is to work with the police, communicate, to make the convoy very seamless and all people respected and rights and this be educational and civil. The police are working with heavy presence along the today convoy, cannot lead or follow as cannot show any sides, must be neutral…so look for us on the media and news for by about noon to 1 pm EST we will be outside DC on the beltway…its about 60 miles around, the plan is to ride the beltway 3-4 times…250 miles and then back to the staging area. There are heavy talks with very influential good people like Senator Ron Johnson who is seeking congress and senators to sit and talk with the leaders, I am told including Kory and myself as scientists/doctors to ensure the thoughts of the truckers are articulated e.g. freedom, liberty, life returned as the pandemic is over, mandates lifted and the emergency powers declarations removed; the leadership will articulate, we will the science showing the pandemic is done, and mandates have no scientific basis; this is the plan to have very embracing constructive discussions with the leaders in congress who will sit and discuss or their representatives.

Senator Johnson has always been a leader to the US population to help better things and is ideal to help broker things as well as others who are reaching out from congress.

I update you as I know the plans as of this morning.