Updated People's Convoy trucker photos in Maryland, March 15th 2022; in the staging Maryland & in the senate & congress capitol hill with Senators Josh Hawley and Joni Ernst, & Congressman Jim Jordan

by Paul Alexander

See poster for upcoming event in Texas April 9th...

Congressman Jim Jordan, Ohio, today in the capitol, before our meeting to discuss the vaccine mandates and impact in society etc:

Senator Joni Ernst, we had a brief discussion with her, very supportive of the convoy and the removal of the mandates etc., I like her:


We ran into and even spoke to congressman Nadler briefly, he and his handler said they would not meet to talk with Mr. Brase about the mandates and the Trucker convoy:


Senator Josh Hawley today in the Senate, we met to discuss removal of the mandates etc. and he is very supportive:

Senator Josh Hawley, lead of The People’s Convoy Brian Brase, and myself at the Senate today