Upside AND downside; they are telling us allow us fraud inept corrupted doctors & scientists to make fame & money on the up & downsides; we deceived & lied early on & were 'hip' & we made money & fame

by Paul Alexander

on the upside, and now that the narrative is over and we are shown for the malfeasants & frauds we medical doctors are, with our 'white coats', allow us on downside more fame as we 'now realize' truth

See how it works, they wanted us jailed and some said executed on the upside, when they were part of the lockdown lunacy and vaccine fraud, the mandates, and now that it is clear it was a fake, the pandemic was a lie and the vaccine a fraud, they want us to use the same ‘them’ to school us on what is right and wrong…the same ‘them’ want the podium to rail against lockdowns and vaccine when we are in the hell hole we are because of them…

Not so fast, not so fast, not if I can help it, I will call you out and shame each one of you! Each opportunity I get. What was that, say that again, you said you will smear and attack me and get some to? Take your best shot…I enjoy it for it gets me to hit you harder. I know how the game is played.