URGENT: 10 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, these 10 doctors, scientists must be investigated & under oath separately for the deaths from mRNA vaccine technology: Bourla (Pfizer), Uğur Şahin (BioNTech),

by Paul Alexander

Fauci (NIAID), Malone (mRNA technology), Bancel (Moderna), Baric (Chapel Hill U North Carolina), Karikó (mRNA technology), Francis Collins (NIH), Daszak (EcoHealth Alliance), Weissman (mRNA technology

You are free to comment on these 10…these 10 who delivered plague, pestilence, death, famine, immense pain and suffering by their ‘inventions’…

I want them stripped of all monies, imprisoned, and even face the death penalty if proper legal forums, legal tribunals, juries, judges listen and rule that the death penalty must be on the table for what they did with mRNA technology and fraud COVID gene injections (only if a judge rules as such), each and all of them and more of them. They must not be allowed to ride off into the sunset after fleecing the tax-payer of all that grant money over decades and I know the grant process in academia and research, it is bogus corrupted fraud too. Let them defend their COVID policies and deadly mRNA and vaccine madness, let them, we live in good governance.

Could these 10 be benevolent? Yes, that too…some, yet it is they to share that and all we have is silence yet Bronny and Jamie and Damar and folk like that who took their shots near dying and dying and they ‘the inventors’ are silent…pockets fat and flush with cash, tax payer cash, fame and shows, but silence….sssshhhhhh