URGENT: BA.5 subvariant/clade that has emerged we warned was going to be due to the COVID mRNA injection; it has come to pass; it is more infectious and now more serious symptoms in vulnerables

by Paul Alexander

What is needed is early treatment, if hospital CEOs and doctors and government officials did not steal the PEP COVID money, then hospitals are already geared, won't be overwhelmed; GRAPHS

I am trying to explain it simply:

It is the COVID injection itself, the mRNA injections that are non-neutralizing now and are placing sub-optimal immune pressure on the virus’s spike and driving infectious variants one after the other, and we fear soon (now), emerging are variants that would cause severe symptoms in the lower lungs (lower respiratory tract). It is not the virus, it is the injection, the vaccine itself that is making the virus more infectious to the vaccinated population. It is the injection and it is illogical and reckless and dangerous to respond with more vaccine and booster. It is going to be lethal.

The COVID injection has long moved from being neutralizing to the target antigen, which is the one target, the spike protein spicule that sits on the ball of the virus (you know what I am referring to). It is a non-neutralizing injection today, has been for a while now, does not sterilize the virus and that means it does not stop infection, replication, transmission, confer immunity.

The reality is that within a highly vaccinated, in a well-mixed population, vaccinated persons should be regarded as asymptomatic reservoirs for transmission of new, and highly infectious COVID immune escape variants and also other highly infectious diseases to the balance of the population. We were warning of this disaster yet the CDC and NIH and FDA and Bourla (Pfizer) and Bancel (Moderna) are not listening. They are now coming for the children. You as parents better be prepared to lay your life down in protection of your kids. In this. Healthy kids will die due to these injections, will be severely harmed. Their innate immune systems are at risk of subversion.

We are warning that the consequential enhanced viral transmission rate has the potential to initiate new pandemics and these are not only of new, highly infectious, and antigenically shifted COVID variants (presenting of sufficiently different variants) but there is also the risk we argue of avian influenza virus and monkeypox virus expanding to the general population. We are very concerned at the terrible public health response to monkeypox and the allowed expansion into the general low risk population of this pathogen.