URGENT: CDC is now warning of a coming stealth variant, now emerging; you would have zero symptoms, you also test negative, you look & feel healthy & normal, yet you are likely infected, so ISOLATE

by Paul Alexander

& lockdowns, business closures, & school closures would continue due to possible asymptomatic spread they cannot verify until they get the transmission under control; CDC advises more details to come

To show you the absurdity and madness we have lived! What I wrote here is what we lived 2.5 years ago…impossible as it seems, this is what we lived…and to read it how I wrote it makes you realize how insane what we were put through…and while you may laugh or laugh now based on how I wrote this (the jest), this kind of absurdity was devastating on our lives. This was the ridiculousness we lived through.

Beware and do not be confused, remain calm, you will test negative 100% of the time and have zero symptoms, and will feel very fine and you would test negative on multiple repeated tests, yet CDC and NIH indicates that you are still to consider yourself as likely infected and you must isolate and lockdown and shield away, with triple masks. Dr. Fauci of NIAID has indicated that double masks are being discouraged and will not do the trick with this variant. You must wear the mask indoors at all times and when outdoors also even if there is no one around you for 5 miles. Only above 5 miles radius should you consider removing the mask outdoors. A face shield with protective gloves will add an additional layer of protection as per Dr. Fauci until transmission is mitigated.

CDC and the NIH are collaboratively and urgently bringing it to our attention for action!

You are now likely saying WTF? And you would be right. But this is the inanity we lived through for 2.5 years. This is why we locked the world down. For this fraud that was and could not be true.

Do not just say this is a joke, for this is what you lived.