URGENT CDC update July 23rd 2022: MONKEYPOX confirmed in US children, 2 cases; "CDC: Both of those children traced back to individuals who come from the men-who-have-sex-with-men community, gay men"

by Paul Alexander

WARNING: Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, CDC, NIH, WHO, Health Canada, PHAC etc.; these agencies & people are deliberately causing monkeypox to spread to low risk heterosexual community (monogamous)


CDC confirms first U.S. cases of monkeypox in children

‘‘Both of those children traced back to individuals who come from the men-who-have-sex-with-men community, gay men"

Firstly, normal healthy children are not at risk of monkeypox. Children who have not been vaccinated with the COVID vaccines and have benefitted from training of their potent innate immune system are the prize. Their parents have given them a gift unlike any other. Their healthy functional innate immune system will protect them from COVID (including variants) as to severe illness as well as a host of glycosylated viruses including monkeypox. You must ensure that you do not vaccinate your child with the COVID gene vaccine before any of their usual measles, mumps, rubella etc. shots if you are still going to give them the COVID shot.

You are the parent, but again, your healthy child must not get the COVID injection as it is not properly safe and not needed. IMO, but you make that decision. Children bring near zero risk to the table for severe outcomes if infected with COVID and the COVID vaccine has proven itself to be ineffective and not safe. No healthy child in the US since this pandemic began, has died from COVID after being infected. This is the data globally e.g. Sweden, Germany etc.

However, this monkeypox reporting above is outrageous and all at CDC and FDA should be fired! We have predicted what would happen and it is happening.

Months now, I have been writing, screaming out, that if this is localized to the GAY community and bisexual community, that we use acute contact tracing, isolation as warranted, urgent public service announcements, and you tell the GAY community and bisexual males that they are not to have sexual contact, any intimate skin-to-skin contact for several weeks, 2-3 weeks collectively, so that we could bring this under control and even eliminate this outbreak. Is that too difficult to do?

A game of political correctness has been played since day 1 and Fauci et al, not out of stupidity here for they know what they are doing, they are deliberately, as with HIV, causing this to spread out of the high-risk group to become a problem for the low-risk heterosexual community. Low risk monogamous people especially women, now must be concerned for it is the bisexual community, their partners, even husbands who may engage with men, who would bring this home. She may think she is low risk and monogamous but sometimes she is not. We learnt this with HIV, it was the man who would visit commercial sex workers who engaged in other high risk behaviors like injecting drug use etc., who, in visiting sex workers then took it home to the wife, she thinking she is absolved of HIV. She was monogamous but got HIV as he was not.

This may be difficult for you to read how I say it but I am blunt in how I speak and write and need you to understand. Monkeypox is NOT a problem for the non-GAY heterosexual community, but will expand and become one as Fauci et al. works to make it one. The CDC and NIH and WHO et al. are IMO deliberately working to allow this to expand to the low risk general population.

We need acute surveillance of the expectant mothers, women who are seeking to have children (pre and ante-natal) for we use this group as our sentinel surveillance group for in any society, she is the lowest risk individual for STDs and pathogen that may involved physical contact. In fact for most pathogen. If we find monkeypox there, then it is all over as being able to contain it.

“Due to repetitive activation of the immune system in C-19 vaccinees, several infectious diseases can now be spread asymptomatically by vaccinees. Due to widespread asymptomatic transmission in highly vaccinated countries and the subsequent rise in infectious pressure, infection-mediated immunity in certain subsets of the population no longer suffices to prevent productive infection. This is now basically igniting the global spread of a number of acute, self-limiting microbial infections (e.g., ‘seasonal’ Flu, RSV but also vaccine-preventable viral and bacterial infections in countries that interrupted their childhood vax program due to Covid crisis) and also of some acute, self-limiting viral diseases (e.g., monkeypox, pandemic [avian H5N1] flu). In addition, depletion of cytotoxic CD8 T cells due to repetitive cycles of re-infection has also led to an increased recurrence/reactivation rate of chronic infections (e.g., herpetic diseases + CMV, EBV, CMV, HIV, tuberculosis..) and relapse or metastasis of certain cancers in vaccinees.

If you’re not C-19 vaccinated: You should under no condition get the seasonal Flu shot as vaccination with inactivated Flu vaccines will dramatically increase the risk of catching ADEI in the event you get exposed to avian flu. Under no condition should you get a non-replicating smallpox vaccine.[i] Since surface proteins of smallpox (using cowpox as live attenuated immunogen) are different from those decorating monkeypox, and as the non-replicating vaccine primarily induces antibodies (Abs), you could expose yourself to a real risk of ADEI.

However, C-19 unvaccinated people don’t need a smallpox jab at all (and they don’t need an avian Flu vaccine either – in case the industry comes up with a pandemic flu vaccine!)  regardless of whether they got the smallpox vaccine in the past. Training of our innate immune system against Coronavirus (i.e., SC-2) during the C-19 pandemic will not only provide strong innate immune protection against influenza virus and poxviruses but also against other glycosylated viruses causing acute, self-limiting infection (e.g., RSV, other common cold CoV). I can explain this, but that would take somewhat longer. Upon exposure to smallpox or avian Flu, a C-19 unvaccinated person who is in good health and experienced mild or moderate C-19 symptoms as a result of previous natural infection (‘thanks’ to the C-19 pandemic) may still get some mild illness but that’s it! This will just induce additional antibodies to fully protect you next time around, pretty much like a live attenuated viral vaccine does. There is even a high likelihood that there won’t be a ‘vaccine take’ when you become vaccinated with live attenuated smallpox as your trained NK cells may kick out the vaccinal virus right away.  However innate immune training against CoV (e.g., SC-2) will not protect against measles, mumps, rubella or varicella (M, M, R, V).

So, I simply continue recommending you to vaccinate your child against these childhood diseases before local outbreaks/ epidemics occur. It’s never a good idea, and could be dangerous for the child, to get the MMRV shot during a situation of high infectious pressure. Also, it is not recommended to vaccinate older children / adults/ elderly with these live attenuated vaccines if they’ve not been vaccinated against those diseases before. So, those who didn’t receive these childhood vaccines and did not acquire natural immunity as a result of previous natural infection are at risk of contracting the disease in case of an outbreak.  

Unvaccinated elderly and vulnerable people (e.g., with co-morbidities) have a risk of contracting moderate to severe disease from Flu or RSV. The likelihood for developing severe disease increases when the innate immune system is weakened, especially in case of exposure to high infectious pressure (the latter could, for example, rapidly build up in areas of high population density such as nursing homes. I would, therefore, recommend removing your parent/ grand-parents from nursing homes ASAP.

Live attenuated smallpox vaccine will not work in C-19 vaccinees because host cells that are infected with vaccinal virus will be readily recognized and killed by cytotoxic CD8 T cells that are continuously activated due to the enhanced susceptibility of vaccinees to re-infection.

C-19 vaccination of children must stop immediately. Not only will the C-19 vaccines fully prevent innate antibodies from neutralizing the virus, but they will also irreversibly prevent the innate antibodies (in association with the virus) from educating the cell-based innate immune system (e.g., NK cells). Instead, the vaccinal antibodies will enhance viral infectiousness and enable the virus to blow straight through the innate immune defense, thereby causing severe C-19 disease. It will also prevent the child from educating its innate immune system (a corner stone of natural immunity!) to recognize several other (glycosylated) pathogens while discriminating those from self-antigens. This could lead to severe disease caused by several other (glycosylated) pathogens which the child has not been vaccinated against as well as to severe immune pathology! It will also no longer be possible to vaccinate children with other live attenuated childhood vaccines once they’ve gotten the Covid-19 shot for these vaccines could now cause severe disease. So, the C-19 vaccine could be a death sentence for a young child!