URGENT: Daniel Horowitz shared this from Dr. Lxx Fxx as to usual practice in hospitals when our parent, grand-parent, you, anyone, based on hospital 'COVID Protocol' to collect $500,000 per patient

by Paul Alexander

$500,000 per COVIDized patient & thus the COVID Protocol to ensure they collected for each patient; this is why I have called for CEOs, Fauci, Birx, Bancel, Bourla, Francis Collins, all, to be JAILED!

Remember, our governments, our COVID Task Force advisors, those ‘in charge’, threatened us and used the ‘force of law’ on us (they put the police on us, remember this and jailed some of us) if we did not comply with lockdowns and school closures etc., yet today we know every single COVID policy failed! So how do we respond?

I say, recall the Nazi hunter, rightfully for as long as it took, hunting down Nazis, well, we must become the COVIDian hunters, hunting down Fauci, Birx, Azar, Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins the real top dog, we go after all, all, for as long as it takes and we bring them to justice in proper courts of law and inquiry. We bring them, we ensure they sit in a docket at some point under oath, facing a judge and jury, proper inquiry, we do not take matters into our hands, no, we ensure the public inquiries but we let the legal avenues take it’s course, and we never ever stop for what these malfeasants did to our families and friends and our children with their greed and lockdown lunacy!

Now to the ‘COVID Protocol’ and the hospital medical system ‘black hole’ that killed our parents and grand-parents. You literally must do a rescue, an intervention, you got to rescue your family out of the hospital, they will be sucked into the ‘black hole’…if you do not, they will die there. You get help, some aides, to go with you to rescue your family or friend, they will die there. The incentives for the hospitals are and were too great.

This is why I have called for urgent investigations of all who made COVID decisions and policies in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, all nations, rich, poor, everywhere, proper legal public inquiries and if shown they did no wrong, we praise them, reward them; but if shown in proper legal inquiry that they caused deaths needlessly, that they harmed people needlessly, that they were reckless, then we take all of their money, all pensions, every cent, we clean them out, and we imprison them all! All in the Trump and all in the Biden administration who costed lives! We lock them up for life! All of them! I do not care who you are and were. I include congresspeople, senators, members of parliament (MPs), MPPs, Prime Ministers, COVID Task Force advisors, Presidents even, I mean ALL!

Step 1: a patient goes to hospital not feeling too well so advises they are feeling sick.


Step 2: the patient is tested for COVID and found positive; regardless of the over-cycled over-sensitive PCR cycle-count threshold (Ct) set at 40 when the same hospital staff knows that over Ct of 24 it is likely viral junk and non-infectious, non-lethal and non-culturable and likely 97% false-positive; yet the patient is declared COVID positive

Step 3: patient is immediately placed in isolation in the ICU; locked down, no family, no one can and would be allowed to see the patient; at this point they have entered the ‘black hole’ and now ‘disappeared’ in isolation and loneliness as they careen toward their death for they are now placed on a death path

Step 4: at this time the hospital is ramping up and administering diamorphine, midazolam and a range of sedatives, remdesivir, and ventilation as I describe below and it is this 4 that kills your parent, grand-parent etc.

Step 5: patient told they need oxygen and placed on supplemental oxygen (O2).

Step 6: then patient begins having pulmonary issues aggravated by the oxygen.

Step 7: patient placed on BIPAP (CPAP) due to worsening pulmonary function (oxygen toxicity).

Step 8: patient not tolerating BIPAP so they are restrained and sedated.

Step 9: further oxygen toxicity combined with sedation leads to airway intubation and patient placed on ventilator; it is at this time that the patient begins to decline for the staff did not and do not know how to ventilate and the ventilators begins to kill, blow holes in lungs etc.

Step 10: patient becomes profoundly dehydrated and malnourished from DAYS OF WITHHOLDING FOOD AND WATER, on ventilator etc.

Step 11: renal stress then emerges from dehydration.

Step 12: doctors then administer Remdesivir knowing that it is renal and liver toxic and kills and failed all clinical trials; failed EBOLA drug, a drug that was languishing in search of a disease alike how Tamiflu (oseltamivir) was in search of a flu/pandemic

Step 13: patient suffers acute kidney and liver injury and organ failure ensues post IV remdesivir.

Step 14: patient then placed on dialysis due to the failure caused by remdesivir and becomes more dehydrated.

Step 15: patient continues to receive NO NOURISHMENT (TPN) OR WATER.

Step 16: patient becomes hemodynamically unstable and has a cardiac arrest.

Step 17: since the patient was made DNR (‘do not resuscitate’ though in most instances can be) BY THE TREATING DOCTORS (WITHOUT PATIENT’S CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE), NO CPR IS PERFORMED.

Step 18: Your parent, or grand-parent, your friend, the patient, then dies.

Alone. You are informed of the death while you remained trying to see them. They were in the ‘black hole’.

Step 19: The hospital and the CEOs then submit the bill to the government for $500,000.

Where is/was the Hippocratic Oath? “First, do no harm”? Was the lure of money, financial incentives so great? That you doctors suspended all critical thinking and morality? Where did your moral compass go? Where was your line of integrity?

This is what we did throughout COVID from February/March 2020 and this is why we investigate them all and we hold them to account and jail them all, all who partook in the money feeding frenzy, we jail them long and hard! We jail them for the harms of the COVID gene injection to our military, our police, our border agents, our peoples.

As I wrote many times, we killed our peoples with remdesivir, diamorphine, midazolam, and ventilators. These 4. Moreover, the lockdowns, the school closures, the shielding-in-place, the business closures, the personnel firings and shortages and school university disruptions have done at least as much damage (and certainly more) to the population’s health and welfare as the virus. The American population and most global nations that engaged in lockdown lunacy etc. have been crushed, devastated, economies and their peoples.

We harmed and caused deaths of our populations by the lockdown lunatic policies and especially our poorer minority populations and women, who could not afford to shield. We catastrophically shifted the burden of infection and illness from the café latte, laptop, ‘zoom class’ to the poorer in society who could not shield as had to maintain front-facing employment to survive. They could not ‘remote work’. Many business owners, laid off employees, and children in America committed suicide due to the lockdown restrictive lunacy. 

We placed our people who could have been handled successfully at home or in the nursing home with effective, cheap, available ‘early treatment’, in hospitals, to put them on the ‘death path’ so hospitals and CEOs and doctors could enrich themselves killing our unsuspecting parents and grand-parents.

We never EVER let Fauci et al. go. We go after them.