URGENT: Dr. Byram Bridle is world class, top virologist & immunologist, vaccinologist & wrote this piece on the Boston lab & potentially deadly super-chimeric virus, gain-of-function; see our substack

by Paul Alexander

I am inspired by Byram whom I can call a friend, a beautiful human being, professional, intellect, unmatched; smeared and slandered by colleagues in Canada and media when he should get Order of Canada

To be on the same page as Byram is an honor for me, for folk like me stand on his shoulders. People like Bridle and Vanden Bossche and Yeadon and Hodkinson are few and far apart.

Dr. Bridle:

Dr. Bridle’s substack on the recent chimera out of the Boston lab that could threaten the world. This is a very serious development and why it would be still allowed (Gain-of-Function/GoF research juicing up bat coronaviruses for spillover zoonotic potential giving it more infectiousness and lethality) defies logic:

COVID Chronicles
Lab in Boston Made What Could Be A Super-Killer SARS-COV-2
I was in shock when a couple of my colleagues directed me to a pre-print article that was posted online on Friday October 14, 2022. Pre-prints are scientific papers that have not yet undergone peer review and they have not been published in a journal. In this case, these nuances are moot. What is far more important is the product that has been described…
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Dr. Alexander:

My recent substack on the Boston lab chimera that could threaten the globe if it gets out:

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MADMEN, real MADMEN, why would they create a GoF chimeric SARS-CoV-2 virus & 80% mortality? BIOWEAPON? Chen et al.: "Role of spike in the pathogenic & antigenic behavior of SARS-CoV-2 BA.1 2 Omicron"
In my opinion, the SARS-CoV-2 COVID virus we have on deck now is a bioweapon. Yet what these Boston researchers have done here and written out, is indeed an even more potentially deadly bioweapon, in the wrong hands. This study was in mice, a rodent model, yet we run such pre-clinical studies in mice and based on results, we set the in vivo likely anima…
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